K e r n e l  M i r r o r


Kernel Utility
A beta version of the kernel utility is in a final stage of development. This is an easy to use kernel replacement tool with MD5 checksum verification. If you want you may use this tool for strictly testing purposes only, in order to provide feedback on the functionality of the kernel utility.

Key features of the kernel utility:

  • Ease of use - nice dialog screens to replace a kernel
  • Choose between mirrors to get the kernel you need (mirrors may hold different kernels, the list of available kernels will be updated according to each mirror)
  • Run the kernel utility from harddisk or stock floppy
  • The utility has MD5 checksum verification and will backup your old kernel on harddisk installs if desired
  • If a kernel does not fit on a stock floppy, it will compress its contents and decompress once a mv2hd has been done. This will allow any kernel to fit on a stock floppy
  • Added ext2 and Lilo support for FREESCO 034 and up
  • Configuration files available for most kernels, to see which features were compiled
  • Advanced users: possibility to install kernels on different FREESCO versions
  • On FAT harddisk installs: boot in DOS to replace kernel with kernel.bak to recover a backup kernel or simly run the kernel utility again to restore a kernel

To run the kernel utility from this mirror type this command on your FREESCO box or in a Telnet/SSH session:

The kernel utility may be used AT YOUR OWN RISK,
the team will NOT take any responsibiliy for any damage made by yourself.

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