K e r n e l  M i r r o r


Compiling Kernels
In order to compile a kernel you will need:
Tips and tricks for creating a customized kernel:
  • Create a separate partition for the FREESCO kernel source and mount it in Zipslack on /usr/src
  • Format this partition every time you want to make a new kernel in order to prevent file defragmentation thus creating the smallest kernel size possible
  • After compiling, run "upx -9 -o kernel.new zImage" to compress the kernel once its compiled
  • Get a MD5 checksum from the freshly compressed kernel by running "MD5 kernel.new"
  • Transfer the new kernel to your router and perform a MD5 check on it again, compare the checksums and if they match replace the kernel

Handy documentation:
  • The Configure.help document which can be found in linux/Documentation/Configure.help
  • If you want to use Modules, you should read the modules.txt document which can be found in linux/Documentation/modules.txt
  • The FREESCO Support forums also hold a lot of information about creating a customized kernel.

Feel free to share your customized kernel with others once you've verified that it's working stable.

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