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ormally) use another file system called NTFS from which Zipslack won't run. From what I've heard it is qu... lestone 1**: You should have a FAT-based computer which you can boot into Windows 95/98/ME. For the rest ... always shown. It waits 5s before choice number 5 (which is DOS) is started, which gives me enough time to
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archive (where xx matches your FREESCO version), which can be downloaded from http://freesco.sourceforge... and all credit should go to the original author (which I believe is Lightning). All other information is... The archive contains a file called "modules.html" which describes the NICs that FREESCO supports right ou
freesco:howtos:plug_and_play: 14 Hits
we will deal purely with the Linux configuration, which is easier to meddle with on an already-running Fr... a link to a single file which contains just the two Linux files needed and no d... create a file called /mnt/router/etc/isapnp.conf which contains a single, example configuration already
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ent have been removed and replaced with dropbear, which is a SSH server and client. This SSH server is al... pervious to power failures or improper shut downs which cause disk corruption as well as absolutely no di... be used with a custom installation, such as ext2 which can be used with the add on ext2-0.3.4-lewis pack
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may also need the file **//**, which contains extra kernel modules, in particular, add... allow you to assign the IRQ for each PCI slot, in which case you can manually choose the IRQ. Unless you ... ce of information on different ethernet cards and which drivers support them, please read the linux Ether
freesco:howtos:null_modem: 10 Hits
ion of client machines (only a dummy modem driver which is supplied with all versions of Windows and a du... d to be a "Standard Modem" to the client machine, which will login as a usual PPP connection, allowing an... games etc. * Setting up a cheap home network, which is TCP/IP-based, for gaming, file sharing etc. wi
freesco:manuals:rfc1918: 9 Hits
il, FTP, netnews, remote login) which can be handled by mediating gateways (e.g., ... be required, are: - A large airport which has its arrival/departure displays ind... within the enterprise, or the set of enterprises which choose to cooperate over this space so they ma
howtos:ip-subnetworking: 9 Hits
mbers - one for each interface to each network to which it is connected. The reason for this becomes cl... e IP number of a host identifies the network on which the host resides, the remaining 'bits' of the IP ... sites were running on Class A network numbers, which allow for millions of connected hosts. It is
freesco:manuals:027:3._configuration: 8 Hits
modem can be added for the remote access server, which can run at the same time as the normal dialout mo... sl modem, or other high speed internet connection which terminates as an ethernet connection, or when usi... er between them. (And also providing any services which are enabled, such as dhcp, dns, print etc) Eithe
freesco:howtos:how-to_setup_a_mail_server: 8 Hits
.org : router.inet</code> \\ **3. The domains for which we relay**\\ \\ Shortly after look for this line:... tup hostname and domain.\\ \\ **4. The hosts for which we authorize to relay without authentication**\\ ... to the internet DOES NOT have any effect on mail which is going OUT of your freesco box. It is only need
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rs you may want to try, in the net/new directory, which support newer versions of these cards. ==== Add-... rs you may want to try, in the net/new directory, which support newer versions of these cards. ==== New ... he above drivers apart from 3c90x are all drivers which come with the 2.0.38 kernel and are therefore a b
freesco:manuals:03x:license: 8 Hits
ginal work is mainly in the form of shell scripts which are, by definition, open source. The basic funct... This License applies to any program or other work which contains a notice placed by the copyright holder ... u distribute the same sections as part of a whole which is a work based on the Program, the distribution
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e //**/modules/net/new-net-drivers**// directory, which support newer versions of these cards. All drive... y, in the /modules/net/new-net-drivers directory, which support newer versions of these cards. The above drivers apart from 3c90x are all drivers which come with the 2.0.39 kernel and are therefore a bit
freesco:howtos:howto_unison_and_xinetd: 7 Hits
Linux servers, "inetd" is replaced with "xinetd", which performs similar functions but is more flexible. ... p://, which lets you use Port Forwarding and many other featu... dn't list it in /etc/services, we need to specify which protocol is used. Unison uses tcp. socket_ty
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