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freesco:howtos:ad-blocking_with_freesco_without_ruining_the_hosting_page: 23 Hits
s (in this case) a compacted image of a root file system, containing files and executables. It is expanded... rver Setup ==== === Prepare the hard disk in the system that will become your Freesco 0.2.7-adblock system. === * Format the hard disk with a FAT16 filesystem, and install a MS-DOS-like operating syst
freesco:howtos:build_in_commands: 18 Hits
ad and print CMOS clock w: Write CMOS clock from system time s: set system time from CMOS clock a: get system time and adjust CMOS clock u: CMOS clock is in universal time v: print version (1.6) and exit... the current time in the given FORMAT, or set the system date. -d, --date=STRING display time described b
freesco:howtos:setting_up_an_development_environment: 16 Hits
nstalled you are safe, these OS:es uses this file system. If you run any of these OS:es together with NT/W... NT, W2K or XP you have a problem. These operating systems (normally) use another file system called NTFS f... Windows, ensure you have turned on the viewing of system/hidden files. Start Windows Explorer and find the
freesco:howtos:how_to_create_an_add-on_package: 14 Hits
n this directory will get installed on the target system in the /pkg/bin directory and as such will be in the search PATH of the target system. It must be used to add (user) commands to the target system. M... cause this library is always in use on the target system. A [[freesco:howtos:package_libc|special techniqu
freesco:howtos:howto_configure_xinetd: 14 Hits
he length of time the service is used by a remote system (log_on_success). * **EXIT** — Logs the exit st... **RECORD** — Records information about the remote system in the case the service cannot be started. Only p... 9:45-16:15 }</code> In this example, when client system from the network, such as, t
freesco:howtos:how-to_setup_a_mail_server: 12 Hits
== ===== Introduction ===== When you set a mail system you minimaly need 2 things: a smtp server and a p... ve the content of remote mailboxs into your local system. There is fowarding. There are a couple of thin... lem reported with this package that can cause the system to hang and eventually stop working if you have *
freesco:howtos:monitorless_keyboardless_install_howto: 9 Hits
up routine, which we don't want. Edit ROUTER\ETC\SYSTEM.CFG as follows: <code> ENATEL=s #47. Enable telne... ed this. Add the following section to the end of SYSTEM.CFG. This sets up your local network so your Teln... pty disables DHCP on this interface </code> Save SYSTEM.CFG, then boot the router with the newly-created
freesco:manuals:03x:relnotes034: 8 Hits
the kernel and ram disk size. This means that the system will run entirely in ram with absolutely no disk ... email a report.txt. This makes managing a remote system possible as well as easily monitoring it's status... eviously ram disk #1 was almost never used by the system other than for /tmp directory space. This change
freesco:manuals:027:1.introduction:in_depth: 8 Hits
l, free. Freesco is based on the Linux operating system and incorporates many of the features of a full operating system into software that fits on a single 1.44 meg floppy diskette. With Freesco, you can ... using only what you need from the Linux operating system and by utilizing the best in "small" *nix program
freesco:howtos:package_libc: 7 Hits
he upgrade of on a target FREESCO 0.3.x system. ==== Why is this so different from other libs? ... library is always in use on the target system because most of the linux software is written in ... lib as any other, because when you try the target system will crash! ==== Why do I need to upgrade? ====
freesco:manuals:027:10._installing_add-on_packages: 7 Hits
cticle about the [[freesco:manuals:027:packages]] system of FREESCO 0.2.7. The package system of FREESCO... **NOT** compatible with the FREESCO 0.2.7 package system! ==== 10.2 Package commands ==== === listpk... shell script of the package is downloaded to your system - the installation shell script is executed It
freesco:manuals:027:4._hard_drive_installation: 6 Hits
=== FREESCO runs on 'top' of a FAT or FAT32 file system ((This may sound strange for a linux system, but ... ry bootable partition on the disk - boot with a system floppy - format the partition with system files... preparing the harddisk with a bootable FAT/FAT32 system, is to boot the PC with your FREESCO floppy. Then
freesco:howtos:howto_unison_and_xinetd: 5 Hits
to connect and do anything they want to your filesystem, is a Very Bad Idea (TM). Do not allow Unison to ... n user should not have a valid login shell. On my system, I added in /etc/passwd: unison:*:888:888::/hom... ok in /etc/xinetd.conf (or wherever it is on your system) to make sure there is an entry like this: in
freesco:manuals:03x:license: 5 Hits
ts (compiler, kernel, and so on) of the operating system on which the executable runs, unless that compone... g the integrity of the free software distribution system, which is implemented by public license practices... e wide range of software distributed through that system in reliance on consistent application of that sys
freesco:faq: 1 Hits
wiki:syntax: 1 Hits
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