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matting Syntax ====== [[wiki:DokuWiki]] supports some simple markup language, which tries to make the d... the top or bottom of the page. If you want to try something, just use the [[playground:playground|playgr... b> and <sup>superscript</sup>, too. You can mark something as <del>deleted</del> as well. You can ma
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instructions in this document, you'll end up with something similar. {{freesco:howtos:effo:network.gif}... ll+windows+98+after+xp" and you will come up with some pages on this topic). An alternative to this appr... f FREESCO use kernel 2.0.40 or 2.0.39. There were some problems reported with the 2.0.40 kernel and the
freesco:howtos:freesco_03x_mv2hdd_howto: 8 Hits
'm by no means an expert but maybe this can be of some help for somebody else out there. The main purpos... ies, label them "Dos", "Freesco" and "Start" * Some information from your ISP (might not be needed, b... connection to download the necessary files. * Some spare time ===== Getting the necessary files
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===== Project Team Members ===== On this page some of the FREESCO team members have added some backgroun... At that time I was using (sorry for swearing, by some people) Windows NT and WinGate to share the conne... and such on my mostly Windows LAN. i.e. remove some windows machine servers and go Linux :-).\\ Well
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ly, especially Ethernet cards and modems. Here is some general advice to configuring hardware. PCI Ethernet cards are usually less troublesome than ISA cards, but it is important to choose the option "Pl... here will be a section "PCI/PNP configuration" or something similar, where each interrupt is listed, and
freesco:howtos:gallery_03x: 7 Hits
reesco. Mind you, it can be done, but not without some serious work/compiling and that is outside the sc... with all features enabled, install Slackware (or some other Linux-distro) on some old machine and run i... your httpd.conf ==== In order to make apache obey some commands in the .htaccess-file you'll make the ne
freesco:howtos:how_to_create_an_add-on_package: 6 Hits
he steps of an actual package I've made recently. Some packages are relatively easy to make, others are ... in this directory. | | etc | Most servers require some form of config file that must end up in /etc dire... this package, so I use the editor and copy/paste some information about the package into a file called
freesco:howtos:installing_nic_s: 6 Hits
nd PCI, and the process of setting them up varies some. This document describes how to set up both ISA a... ave to do is to edit the file, uncomment and edit some rows and restart your FREESCO. Now your NICs shou... to edit the configuration file. On the other hand some cards refuses to work in PnP mode. If you run in
freesco:manuals:027:3.4_dialup_router: 6 Hits
[0x300]? </code> Enter hexadecimal address here. Some ethernet cards are plug-n-play and their Linux dr... > 812 IRQ line of 1st ethernet card [11]? </code> Some drivers require this parameter, some don't. <cod... ill be saved without prompt. You may need to use some control symbols in chat sequence, use these back
freesco:howtos:null_modem: 5 Hits
, by clever use of Windows Dial-up Networking and some changes to the default Freesco configuration, to ... inting. Faster speeds may be possible by tweaking some settings, up to the maximum speed of the serial ports on the Freesco machine / client. Some uses for this would be: * Adding computers (e.g. lapt
freesco:howtos:repack03xto04x: 5 Hits
with that library independently of the system. In some 03x packages the library was renamed to on is now a file versus the old variable that was somewhat restrictive it is a good idea to really make ... package name. I strongly recommend looking inside some of the existing 04x packages to see how some thin
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^ | ne | ISA NE2000 and clones, and some PCI NE2000 clones. | | ne2k-pci * | Most PCI NE2... 3c900B. ((this driver is experimental, and covers some cards already supported by 3c59x.))| * There a... by Donald Becker which are much more up to date. Some of them are later versions of existing drivers wh
freesco:howtos:what_to_do_with_your_new_freesco: 5 Hits
ut really, how fun is that? This document present some ideas of what to do with your new box. Have fun! ... |Top]] ===== Increasing security ===== Here are some tips on how to increase the security on your FREE... reesco|Top]] ===== Usefull stuff ===== Here are some really usefull stuff, however, none of this is re
freesco:howtos:install_a_2nd_harddisk: 5 Hits
nstalling a 60GB drive into my Freesco 032. I had some worries about this, but it ran rather smooth than... te the process down. Who knows, maybe it can help some other newbie. I wrote this with 032 in mind, but ... eesco-box is an old 120MHz with BIOS from 1996 or something like that. I realised that BIOS wouldn't rec
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