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reesco:manuals:027:2. Installation#2.5_quirks_and_setup_of_specific_ethernet_cards|2.5 Quirks and setup o... [freesco:manuals:027:3._configuration#3.1_initial_setup|3.1 Initial setup]] * [[freesco:manuals:027:3... :027:3._configuration#3.3_conventions_used_during_setup|3.3 Setup conventions]] * [[freesco:manuals:0
freesco:howtos:ad-blocking_with_freesco_without_ruining_the_hosting_page: 15 Hits ===== Using the RAMDISK ===== The setup procedure is divided into two stages: Adblocking Server Setup and Network DNS Setup. ==== Adblocking Server Setup ==== === Prepare the hard disk in... m from the Freesco 0.2.7 floppy disk and move the setup to the hard disk. === * Do not enter the "set
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===== 3. Configuration ===== ==== 3.1 Initial Setup ==== Before you can configure the router you first need to log in and run setup. \\ When booting from a floppy disk, type **setup** when prompted, whe... u've previously used move2hdd) type: **router.bat setup** at the C:\> prompt. After a while you'll be pr
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ions |Top ]] ] ====Requirements==== In order to setup the Zipslack, the following is needed: - A pc.... ootGUI=1 DoubleBuffer=1 ... ...</file> With this setup, the boot menu is always shown. It waits 5s befor... toload of modules)" by pressing "Y".\\ **General setup**: In this menu, select the sub menu "(Pentium) P
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====== Howto setup a mail server ====== ===== Introduction ===== When you set a mail system you minimal... a list of commands.\\ \\ This is the minimalistic setup. Over that, you can add have a local **M**ail **... ies are supported:\\ - **[[freesco:howtos:how-to_setup_a_mail_server#antivir|antivirus]]**\\ - **[[frees
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===== 5. Client Setup ===== This chapter describes howto configure the network of clients to work with t... _dhcp|5.4.1 Win9x TCP/IP with DHCP]] Select this setup if you have enabled the DHCP server on your FREES... Win9x TCP/IP with static settings]] Select this setup if you don't want to use DHCP but rather configur
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* router.bat starts the router * router.bat setup starts the router in setup mode * router.bat de... use the second start option, ie <code>router.bat setup</code>. Type it at the prompt and press Enter. Th... = Freesco, Start FREESCO, normal mode MENUITEM = Setup, Start FREESCO, setup mode MENUITEM = Debug, Star
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going ports (under 1024) are also blocked. In the setup, you can tell it what you want to have access to... he ban list now works too. I do not yet have it setup to open ports for Freesco services. So if you are... , this firewall will block it. This firewall is setup for a two connection system only. 1 ethernet for
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d if diagnostic beeps are enabled in the advanced setup. This enables a user without a monitor to know wh... included into a crond job. A new option in the setup to add additional ports to stealth. With this fea... P server. Enabled the DHCP client logging in the setup and system.cfg file which had not been enabled i
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===== How To Setup Dial-In-Server or RAS to Freesco and Reach from Windows Client ===== Here's a little ... her clients than Windows. For the dial-up client setup, I only have access to Windows 98 in English and ... o Linux and Freesco myself. Even so, I managed to setup Freesco on a 486 as a router between an always-on
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wing URL: http://my.router.url/photoalbum/gallery/setup/phpinfo.php \\ You should get a PHPinfo-screen. C... hmod 666 .htaccess chmod 666 config.php chmod 755 setup/ </code> ==== Set up your Gallery ==== Every time you want to access the setup of Gallery, you first have to set in into "configure"-mode. <code>
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hd from a dos disk]] * [[freesco:howtos:Dialin Setup Howto]] * [[freesco:howtos:Blocking a remote IP... reesco 0.3.x system]] * [[freesco:howtos:How-to setup a mail server]] * [[freesco:howtos:build in com... esco:howtos:Forward a port]] * [[freesco:howtos:Setup SSH tunnel to connect with VNC server]] * [[fre
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istpkg installpkg removepkg arpmon umssetup udosctl rmmod chgrp chmod... block_device fdflush loadkmap losetup mkswap swapon swapoff update ... killall load mode setspeed setup synctime rmlogs savelogs sendlog
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===== How to install & setup Freesco 031 on a headless machine ===== A headless machine is a PC that doe... he network. Then you can run the Freesco router's setup program inside a Telnet window on one of those PC... y change this default behaviour in the BIOS/CMOS setup, but you have to attach a monitor and keyboard to
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