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freesco:howtos:how-to_setup_a_mail_server: 41 Hits
====== Howto setup a mail server ====== ===== Introduction ===== When you set a mail system you minimaly need 2 things: a smtp server and a pop server. A **S**imple **M**ail **T**ransfer **P**rotocol (SMTP) server will relay mails, meaning it receives them AND sends them also. On your Freesco, you wil
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Johnson ======================== On newer Linux servers, "inetd" is replaced with "xinetd", which perfor... anything else, PLAN YOUR SECURITY FOR THE UNISON SERVER. Allowing Unison to sit there on an open port, wa... en port that is open to external machines. On my server, my Unison port 7654 is blocked by the firewall t
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IP Print Services, as well as how to configure NT Server as a TCP/IP printing client, and as a TCP/IP print server. It also discusses using the LPR.EXE and LPQ.EXE command-line utilities and their proper sy... in RFC 1179. In order to print to a TCP/IP print server, you must first create a printer (print queue) on
freesco:manuals:03x:relnotes034: 19 Hits
CO 0.3.4 ===== <file> Changes to 034 The telnet server and client have been removed and replaced with dropbear, which is a SSH server and client. This SSH server is also capable of both client and server TCP port forwarding. This allows for floppy users to open this server to Internet access and still
freesco:howtos:el_cheapo_vpn_tunnel: 17 Hits
68.0.x** network. * full OpenSSH package (both server and client) must be installed on both FREESCO box... conf I set up the church's FREESCO box to be the server and my home to be the client. The configuration f... t about any IPs but choose these for clarity. The server (church) is going to listen on port 777 (if you l
freesco:howtos:ssl_cert: 14 Hits
t pass.key 1024 \\ openssl rsa -in pass.key -out server.key \\ openssl req -new -key server.key -x509 -out server.crt -days 999\\ cp server.key /usr/local/apache/conf/ssl.key/ \\ cp server.crt /usr/loca... ode> [root@Freesco] openssl rsa -in pass.key -out server.key read RSA key Enter PEM pass phrase: writing R
freesco:howtos:setup_ssh_tunnel_to_connect_with_vnc_server: 14 Hits
connection from Windows environment to remote VNC server behind router/firewall (such as FREESCO) with ssh server installed. **Achieved results:** Secure connection to remote desktop using open source VNC ... l port is left open other than ssh port on remote server/router/firewall. **Software:**\\ * [[http://ww
freesco:manuals:027:3.4_dialup_router: 14 Hits
0]? <Enter> </code> <code> 41 Enable caching DNS server y/n [y]? Press <Enter> </code> <code> 421 Enable DHCP server y/n [y]? Press <Enter> </code> This option enable or disable DHCP server at whole. <c... []? Press <Enter> </code> If you don't have WINS server (Windows NT server or Samba-on-Unix server) or if
freesco:howtos:ad-blocking_with_freesco_without_ruining_the_hosting_page: 13 Hits
by this site and this site which resolves many ad servers to incorrect IP addresses. This saves bandwidth ... - Custom built version of Acme's thttpd-2.20c web server * errors.html - Example of an error page. This ... S formatted floppy disk. - A hosts file listing servers to be blocked. ==== Web Resources ==== * Ge
freesco:manuals:027:5._client_setup: 12 Hits
fully functional IP address from the central DHCP server. DHCP is the default network configuration for mo... ing an IP address, gateway, network mask and name server (DNS) for your computer. The IP address is predet... u are running internet services like a web or FTP server on a client). Configuring with a static IP is mor
freesco:howtos:freesco_03x_mv2hdd_howto: 12 Hits
625: DHCP-pool. </code> Freesco can act as a DHCP-server for all the machines inside the network. This mea... e displayed in bold. <code>41 Enable caching DNS server y/s/n [s]? 411 Number of URL's to cache ? [500]? ... P's to your DNS file (y/n) [n]? **431 Enable DHCP server y/n [n]? Modified to Y** 432 WINS address (if you
freesco:manuals:027: 12 Hits
bridge]] * [[freesco:manuals:027:3.8 Printer server]] * [[freesco:manuals:027:3.9 Dialin server]] * [[freesco:manuals:027:3.10 DNS/DHCP/Web server]] * [[freesco:manuals:027:3.11 Combining mode... ns]] * [[freesco:manuals:027:8.13 Time client/server]] * [[freesco:manuals:027:8.14 Restarting (so
freesco:manuals:clients:winnt:tcpip_dhcp: 11 Hits
ed on the FREESCO router or you have another DHCP server available on your LAN. The first step is to ope... FREESCO router, provided of course that the DHCP server is enabled in FREESCO setup or another DHCP server in your network provides this information. Now click on the 'Advanced' button, the next dialog wi
freesco:manuals:027:1.introduction:in_depth: 11 Hits
line router * an Ethernet router * a dial-in server with up to 2 modems * a time server * a dhcp server * a http server * a print server (requires TCP/IP printing client software) Freesco also... o: * Linux 2.0.38 + IP masquerade * DHCP server (Internet Software Consortium) * DNS server (
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