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freesco:howtos:setting_up_an_development_environment: 7 Hits
go. However, if you are a Linux newbie this might seem complicated and tedious. Hopefully, this documen... ft out. For more information about configuration, see the README file located in ''/usr/src/linux''. Th... You can tell that the kernel is updated when you see <code>"Welcome to Linux 2.0.39"</code> on the
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on in the pagename. For details about namespaces see [[doku>wiki:namespaces]]. Linking to a specific ... y.checkloaduri]] but this is not recommended. * See [[dokubug>151]] for more info. ==== Image Links ... for links and [[#images_and_other_files|images]] (see below) like this: [[|{{wiki:
freesco:howtos:installing_nic_s: 7 Hits
027 ((An add-on exists for 027 for Plug-and-Play, see [[freesco:howtos:plug_and_play|here]])) There ar... 06/10 21:37:32 fox Exp $ # This is free software, see the sources for details. # This software has NO W... our OWN RISK # # For details of this file format, see isapnp.conf(5) # # For latest information on isap
freesco:howtos:how-to_setup_a_mail_server: 6 Hits , 25 for the smtp and 110 for the pop.\\ See [[howtos:telnet_-_smtp_commands_sending_mail_usin... regular expressions**\\ - **file extensions**\\ (see below "**[[freesco:howtos:how-to_setup_a_mail_ser... to the smtp server : \\ Put as a first router (see above "default route" for details) <code>smart_ro
freesco:howtos:el_cheapo_vpn_tunnel: 6 Hits
uired when things are setup properly (although it seems like a sane thing to me to be able to login to ... **) that is created when vpnd sets up the tunnel. See official homepage for details how VPN does it's m... lass C) to and in the firewall rules (see below), use /16 instead of /24. * if you don't
freesco:howtos:repack03xto04x: 5 Hits
essary or desired in 04x packages. You will also see that in 04x packages there are multiple places fo... u need to look through the 03x install script and see what special things the install script has done a... various language conversions in it. You will also see that the main package information variable inside
freesco:howtos:plug_and_play: 5 Hits
ext editor. Reading through this file, you should see card entries such as: <code>... # Card 1: (seria... ISA PnP device (if you have more than one, you'll see multiple entries). To decide if this is the card ... computer it was run on. Here, for example, we can see the limits of the ranges in the lines: <code>...
freesco:howtos:exim_virtual_domains: 5 Hits
ain to local username mapping file(s). As you can see in the above code these files must be created in ... ich must be a valid local mail account of course, see requirements, local user already delivery works).... search_tidyup called [Linux] </code> As you can see the webmaster account for the virtual domain is c
freesco:howtos:install_a_2nd_harddisk: 4 Hits
about the bios limits. So your computer may only see the drive as a 8GB, but Freesco will see the full... was correct, it was good news. Even if BIOS only see a rather small drive, Freesco would recognize its... 3 mknod /dev/hdc4 b 22 4 </code> If you want to see the major device number of all devices, type <cod
freesco:howtos:build_in_commands: 4 Hits
e link up/down. debug Set the diald debug flags. See diald manpage for values. delay-quit Terminate d... e to FILE instead of stdout, don't truncate file seek=BLOCKS skip BLOCKS obs-sized blocks at start of... CK_FREQ / 16) * divisor set the custom divisor (see spd_custom) * close_delay set the amount of tim
freesco:howtos:forward_a_port: 4 Hits
ward menu ==== After you've logged in you should see a screen similar to this: {{freesco:howtos:027:c... | Unlike the 03x form (see below) you only need to type 'u' or 't' (without ... ADD | Use this command to ADD a port forward, see screen shot | | DEL | Use this command to de
freesco:howtos:turn_freesco_into_an_mp3_server: 4 Hits
If you've got everything setup correcty, you'll see a simple message saying: <code>[Linux] cgipython ... .py edna: serving on port xxxx...</code> If you see this, Great! Simply kill the server with CTRL-C a... d go on to the next, and last part. If you didn't see this, go back *carefully* through this list and s
freesco:howtos:gallery_03x: 4 Hits
tar -zxvf gallery-1.4.4-pl4.tar.gz </code> You'll see that the tarball extracts itself into a gallery/ ... r host, and is not still at "". See this [[ rted, then refresh/recheck the PHPinfo-screen and see if everything is correct. ==== Modify your h
freesco:howtos:setting_up_subdomains_in_dns: 3 Hits
forget to update your reverse DNS files as well (see this article for details). Longer walkthrough f... IN<TAB>A<TAB><TAB></code> As you can see, the first part of each line is the subdomain you... s well - click [[setting_up_reverse_dns_for_your_subdomains|here]] to see how. made by Steve Blinch
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