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freesco:howtos:setting_up_an_development_environment: 25 Hits
ment; it DOES NOT teach you to program. You must know how to compile applications in a Linux/UNIX envir... o benefit from the instructions. You should also know basic Linux commands such as ''ls'', ''cd'', etc.... anges and save the file. -Reboot the computer. Now the boot menu should show up and you should be ab
freesco:howtos:freesco_03x_mv2hdd_howto: 20 Hits
ndary DNS address * Gateway * You must know how to enter BIOS of your router and how to set t... got to have DOS installed on it. But who has it nowdays ? One easy solution is to use the start diske... ory, there is a file called readme.txt. Read it. Now, read it again just for sure. Now we must copy t
freesco:howtos:freesco_firewall_for_paranoid_people: 15 Hits
etc. All can be turned off or on. Port forwarding now works in this version. It will open the requied ports. The ban list now works too. I do not yet have it setup to open ports for Freesco services. S... d programs. Enabled what you need. This firewall now supports port forwarding and blocking. However, t
freesco:howtos:compiling_programs_for_use_with_freesco: 12 Hits
ow you to compile. Another 100Mb should be fine. Now you should download the following file: [[http:/... e to C:\LINUX> ==== Advanced instructions ==== Now, you should edit the Linux.bat startup file to in... e. Type: <code>EDIT LINUX.BAT </code> You should now be in the MS-DOS text editor. Scroll down until y
freesco:manuals:03x:relnotes034: 12 Hits
disable root logins with SSH. The local ban can now also be a local allow. This allows a user to ban ... riented as well. A new DHCP server mode. You can now set the DHCP server in "s" server mode. Previousl... lly if there was only one network card installed. Now this mode can be used on multiple interfaces. Wha
freesco:howtos:how-to_setup_a_mail_server: 9 Hits
blic mail relayer and spammers just loves that. Knowing it is serving for that domain, when it receive... cal user and put the message in his mailbox.\\ \\ Now, when your mail gets in your mailbox, you want to... an**>Exiscan is a patch against exim version 4.x, now included in the source code in version 4.50, prov
freesco:history: 9 Hits
roperly ! user login times for dialin server work now ! ile loads automatically with BIGMEM=y ! new sys... s fixed - maximum serial port speed for dialin is now 115200 + easy creation of static dhcp leases + fi... commands, including math, chvt + smc-ultra module now built in - dyndns status report page is not cache
freesco:howtos:how_to_create_an_add-on_package: 9 Hits
is the hardest goal to obtain)) * fairly good knowledge of linux shell scripting ((study other packa... e in this example, based on the 0.4.4 version, so now I know what my directory/package name should beco... cd htp_0.4.4_dingetje/ </code> ==== Step 2 ==== Now run Lightnings **//package//** script for the fir
freesco:howtos:plug_and_play: 8 Hits
a mode where they occupy a fixed IRQ and port can now be used with Freesco. But how do you go about th... s device drivers, or by default for many cards). Now, download the ISA PnP Tools from our 3rd Party Un... directory and will assume you have done so too. Now run the pnpdump program like so: <code>/rc/rcuse
freesco:manuals:027:2._installation: 7 Hits
dd if=freesco.027 of=/dev/fd0 </code> You should now have a bootable floppy disk containing freesco. ... directory is /mnt/router/drv from within freesco. Now boot freesco and configure the io and irq setting... d may cause problems. <code> umount /fd </code> Now enter setup and configure your cards io and irq i
freesco:howtos:el_cheapo_vpn_tunnel: 6 Hits
sion is available. </code> The vpnd binary should now be in ///bin//. This will not survive a reboot (b... you really must install the full OpenSSH package now, before proceeding... ===== Step 4 ===== Next I... 2>/dev/null fi</code> ===== Step 5 ===== Okay, now comes time to test the configuration. On the serv
freesco:howtos:gallery_03x: 6 Hits
e> cd /www mkdir photoalbum cd photoalbum </code> Now download the latest stable release of Gallery fro... tself into a gallery/ dir. Your Gallery-files are now located in /www/photoalbum/gallery NetPBM are a ... <code> cd /usr/local chmod -R 755 NetPBM/ </code> Now you've installed all the stuff you need to get Ga
freesco:howtos:what_to_do_with_your_new_freesco: 5 Hits
s as root, and then delete/disable the root user. Now the hacker must guess the userid of the root user... as the new user and edit the password file again. Now change the shell for the root user from /bin/sh t... age and use AllowUsers in /pkg/etc/sshd_config**: Now it is safe to remove root from the AllowUsers sec
start: 5 Hits
I've added a simple page counter in the wiki, so now you can use [[ |{{cca_234x60_finalist.png}}]] | <box 80%>We have now made it to the final 12 for 'Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins" So it is now more important than ever to cast you vote once again to support FREESCO
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