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the downloads page at You may also need the file **//modules-0.2.7.zi... s extra kernel modules, in particular, additional network card drivers. If you find later that freesco is not detecting your network card, you'll probably need these. ==== 2.2 Creating a disk image ====
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.org * Sourceforge project : * Sourceforge download : ==== Freesco Kernels ==== * * * ==== Documentations =
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Modules v0.3.0 ===== This archive contains extra network card driver modules that can be added to FREE... drivers you may want to try, in the //**/modules/net/new-net-drivers**// directory, which support newe... ng optional drivers are available in the /modules/net directory of this archive: ^ driver ^ Suppor
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s about these packages. angel - angel network monitor. requires full Perl package to be ... orrect, possibly causing damage to your computer, network or data. Where possible, material taken from... lling to help on a friendly, stranger-on-the-internet-who-just-so-happens-to-know-something basis. Thi
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\ |**FREESCO Router** \\ \\ [[|{{cca_234x60_f... You can cast you vote here:\\ Sincerely, Le... s are in ==== Winners of the [[|CCA 2007]] have been posted. While F
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Modules v0.2.7 ===== This archive contains extra network card driver modules that can be added to free... ions of these drivers you may want to try, in the net/new directory, which support newer versions of th... e following optional drivers are available in the net directory of this archive: ^ driver ^ suppor
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a 'inexpensive' if not FREE way to share the internet with my LAN. At that time I was using (sorry for... machine up and running. It was serving the internet to the whole LAN. In less than 1 day of having F... rtly after that I registered and .net and also recieved .org (as a present you might sa
freesco:howtos:mini_howto_for_ip_aliases: 5 Hits
P aliases ===== Based on Please realize that... he max is defined to be 256 in /usr/include/linux/net_alias.h. \\ 256 IP #s on ONE card is a lot :-)! ... lo Link encap:Local Loopback inet addr: Bcast: Mask:255.0
freesco:howtos:what_to_do_with_your_new_freesco: 4 Hits
d comment out<code>ipfwadm -I -a deny -P tcp -W $INET -D $PORT -y -o</code> by putting a... ewall rule which denies ssh connections from Internet. By commenting it out, you will be able to connec... to your FREESCO from another machine on the Internet. - At the prompt, ''type rc_masq restart''. Thi
freesco:manuals:03x:license: 4 Hits
.org Freesco comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; Frees... _dhcpd /rc/rc_eth /rc/rc_ftpd /rc/rc_lease /rc/rc_net /rc/rc_ident /rc/rc_user /rc/rc_crond /rc/rc_main... m: /bin/dir /bin/edit /bin/telnet /bin/lsmod /bin/clr
freesco:howtos:setting_up_an_development_environment: 4 Hits
be how to set up a separate machine on your local network and use it for compiling applications. The ma... e possible to access the machine remote (using telnet or VNC), so the machine will be accessible from a... r in a wardrobe. The picture below shows my home network. I have a FREESCO and a switch and behind tha
freesco:howtos:howto_setup_phpbb2: 4 Hits
nection to your Freesco box using the standard Telnet-client or (better!!!) use SSH-access opensshd_3.7... e Belgium mirror is used): <code> snarf
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homogenous user group like a corporate [[wp>Intranet]]. Windows Shares like [[\\server\share|this]]... ng of windows shares only works in Microsoft Internet Explorer per default (and only in the "local zone... he config option [[|security.checkload
freesco:howtos:turn_freesco_into_an_mp3_server: 4 Hits
or Mp3's, or you can simply mount a share on your network that has your MP3's with SAMBA.. * Before... ls : ==== In order to serve your MP3's over your network (or to the world, should you so be inclined t... till have the package for freesco hosted on for those interested- The web page is quite spars
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