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: userlist ll runchk basename dirname hostname sysinfo repor... erdel netinfo uptime backup uname fromdos todos cp-rf crontab... urrently it only operates with /dev/fd0 /bin/basename Script Usage: basename [dir]name.extension [.exte
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path = pkg path = usr # Some regexps specifying names and paths to ignore ignore = Name temp.* ignore = Name *~ ignore = Name .*~ ignore = Name *.o ignore = Name *.tmp ignore = Name server.crt ignore = Name server.key ignore = Name pass.key ignore = Name local-host-names # ignore = Name e107_stat* # i
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ble in the pull down ==== Print Server and queue name ==== Once the LPR Port option has been selected, ... entering a print server and printer (print queue) name. Enter the print server name in the first field and the printer name in the second field. \\ Use lower case, and include **router.inet** as illustr
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ect package and make modifications if needed. The name of the directory will be the same as the final package, following the package name rules as described in the new 3r... . The general rule for a 3rd party add-on package name is: <code> <packagename>-<version#>-<author> </c
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rectory you should run the command using the same name, version, and author name of the 03x package you are converting: Pack Name-Version-AuthorName This will create an entirely new package stru... with the new 04x package scripts with the proper names and files. The first time this is done it is rec
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er (the unzipper must be able to handle long file names) - Spare time - Patience! [ [[setting_up... ode> and Zipslack should start. Login with user name "''root''" (without "":s and in lowercase) and ju... During bootup, the downloaded kernel will be renamed to a 8+3 file name. The first thing to do is to
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files Handling of file attributes: --owner=NAME force NAME as owner for added files --group=NAME force NAME as group for added files --mode=CHANGES for... -owner always use numbers for user/group names -p, --same-permissions extract all prote
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g}} In this dialog you must enter either the hostname ((f.i. router.inet)) of your FREESCO router if yo... mple above the IP address is used. For the queue name you have two options when you're talking to the default FREESCO printer server, namely: ^ queue name ^ Comment ^ | nt | This queue does *not
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^ What ^ Description ^ | Host Name | This is the host name for this client, default it will be set to the same name as the NetBIOS name in the Identification tab (see ab... | Set this to your local LAN domain name. The default for FREESCO is 'inet' (without the q
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about to enter is what is called a Distinguished Name or a DN. There are quite a few fields but you can... '.', the field will be left blank. ----- Country Name (2 letter code) [AU]:NL State or Province Name (full name) [Some-State]:Overijsel Locality Name (eg, city) []:Zwolle Organization Name (eg, company)
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h setup for this type of router. <code> 711 Hostname of this computer [router]? Press <Enter> </code> Give a name to your router, default is router <code> 712 Domain name [inet]? Press <Enter> </code> Give a name to your whole local network (domain), default - inet <code> How many ethernet cards
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server permits you to do just that. Using a username/password (usualy the same as when you log to the ... s in the config file :\\ \\ **1. The primary hostname**\\ \\ Scroll down the file and search for this line :\\ <code>primary_hostname = router.inet</code> This indicates what emails going out of your box
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erefore do not need installing manually: ^Driver name ^ Cards supported ... le in the net directory of this archive: ^Driver name ^ Cards supported ... Others are just drivers for new cards. ^Driver name ^ Cards supported
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stallation of FREESCO, first make sure the driver name follows the DOS 8.3 convention. If the name is lo... an 8 characters and the .gz extension, you must rename it to a shorter name before copying. Also make su... hile most PCI cards do not) If you like you can rename the driver file to its original long name within
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