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co Official Website ==== * Freesco Main sites : and * Sourceforge project : * Sourceforge download : http://fre... ==== Freesco Kernels ==== * * ht
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or more info take a look at the Gallery homepage: ==== Restrictions ==== Unf... sing of Jhead((jhead is available for download at * Lossle... ((It's better to download a suitable kernel from Another package y
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he latest version of this article can be found at ===== Introductio... his document. Dingetje has Ledow's documenation [[ I found it. Of course, the FREESCO support forums has been an invaluable info
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all patches ==== In the FREESCO support forums ( new patches are announced. ... or more information about denying ftp users see [[ ot This approach was suggested by Thasaidon in [[
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For 95% based on Dingetje's Freesco/phpBB2-howto:\\ Th... For more info take a look at the phpBB homepage: ==== What do I need? ==== **Free... e a suitable kernel from the FREESCO kernel page: or one of the other
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n 0.3.4, (C) 1999-2005 The Freesco router project http:... /rc_boot /rc/rc_lpd /rc/rc_sshd /rc/rc_ras /rc/rc_httpd /rc/rc_diald /rc/rc_comm /rc/rc_dns /rc/rc_pnp /... January, 1998 Sergei Viznyuk <> /sb
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For 95% based on Dingetje's Freesco/phpBB2-howto: This... cks. Enjoy, Wimpie ==== What is phpBB2? ==== [[|phpBB]] is a high powered, fully ... For more info take a look at the phpBB homepage: ==== What do I need? ==== Well,
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sting page ====== I use a custom version of the thttpd daemon on my Freesco box to solve an aesthetic p... ook very nice, so I have customised a version of thttpd, and inserted it into a Freesco 0.2.7 RAMDISK image, which you can download [[|her
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=== External links are recognized automagically: or simply - You can set Linknames, too: [[|This Link points to google]]. Email addresses like th... s. External links are recognized automagically: or simply - You c
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The latest exim version (4.50) can be found at[[|Freescosoft]]. \\ For more info about this package look at [[|this ... number of messages).</box> Popa3d is available [[
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The main online library for FREESCO packages is [[|FREESCOSoft]] maintained by... ecking freesco site for official packages. error: HTTP error from server: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found </code>... s.txt seems to be lost :-( <code> [Linux] listpkg Checking http://dingetje.hop
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le page counter in the wiki, so now you can use [[|DokuWiki V... ty for SysAdmins"!\\ |**FREESCO Router** \\ \\ [[ ALLY nice to win. You can cast you vote here:\\
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lly mind. *) BartsBootDiskette-MSNET: - go to '' and down... l all kinds of software-packages. Have a look at '' - log in a... to 'dingetje' 'Howto install FREESCO on VMWare' (
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= python ((This section is blatantly copied from, (Gr. Myth. An enormous serpen... ject-oriented programming language. It is often [[|compare... done for FREESCO by yours truly ;-) Python is [[|copyrighted]]
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