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) to send and recieve mail from within Freesco. There is Fetchmail to retreive the content of remote mailboxs into your local system. There is fowarding. There are a couple of things.\\ You'll have mo... and install the EXIM package ==== <note warning>There has been a problem reported with this package tha
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e this can be of some help for somebody else out there. The main purpose was to document the installatio... uter which connects a network at home, office or wherever to Internet. Freesco is the software to use fo... off a floppy but I choose to install it on a HD. There exist several versions of Freesco, but I decided
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ith_freesco | mirrored on his site]] and this is where I found it. Of course, the FREESCO support forums... ux noob and by no means an expert on this. I bet there are thousands of things that can be done in other... Zipslack is most commonly used and hence focused here. [ [[setting_up_an_development_environment#how_t
freesco:howtos:what_to_do_with_your_new_freesco: 7 Hits new patches are announced. This is also where you find instructions on how to download and inst... w_freesco|Top]] ===== Increasing security ===== Here are some tips on how to increase the security on ... userid of the root user as well as the password. Here are instructions for disabling the root user on y
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tp:// may be a solution for you. Here is an example of how I set it up between my home ... correct values, if you enter wrong values here recovery is NOT possible, you must then cr... x, but of course you can use your favorite editor here. [Linux] edit /etc/vpnd.conf I set up the chu
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S to Freesco and Reach from Windows Client ===== Here's a little guide on how to make a dial-in connect... on the purpose of sharing an Internet connection where Freesco is the gateway (router) and Windows is th... together my new-found insights on this matter, so here it goes. ==== Setting up dial-in in Freesco ===
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===== 3.4 Dialup router ===== Here is a picture of typical network with FREESCO as Modem-to-Ethernet ro... t card [0x300]? </code> Enter hexadecimal address here. Some ethernet cards are plug-n-play and their Li... you can leave it default. Do not use 300, or 300h here when the card is at address 0x300, the correct sy
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7:clients:winnt:tcpip_static.png|TCP/IP Static}} Here you enter all the required info: ^ What ... n be found [[|here]].| |Default gateway | this is the IP address of ... t the quotes), but I have set it to '' here. | | DNS Service Search Order | If you have enabl
freesco:manuals:027:2._installation: 4 Hits
correctly, especially Ethernet cards and modems. Here is some general advice to configuring hardware. ... ually set the base io address of a PCI card, but there is no reason to anyway. ISA Ethernet cards norma... irq's used by the ISA cards in the BIOS. Usually there will be a section "PCI/PNP configuration" or some
freesco:howtos:plug_and_play: 4 Hits
e driver disks to or that can't be set to a mode where they occupy a fixed IRQ and port can now be used ... e for both the Linux and the DOS environments but here we will deal purely with the Linux configuration,... ddle with on an already-running Freesco machine. There is also a link to a single file isapnptools_compi
freesco:howtos:setup_ssh_tunnel_to_connect_with_vnc_server: 4 Hits
FREESCO ( router already. Here is how my setup looked: {{freesco:howtos:027:net... t I wanted to achieve was something like bellow, where SSH would create a secure "tunnel", protecting VN... r was setup to listen on port 5900 (screen 0) So, here is what I did. Open PuttY, go to Connection->SSH-
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your forum in, I'm assuming the default web root here, but YMMV: <code> cd /www </code> Download the latest stable release of the phpBB2 forum software here: Make sure to... This will result in a sourceforge download page, where you can pick a local mirror. In the example below
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well. 2.1. Other sources of information There are a number of other sources of information that... ork 'class'. 3.3. Classes of IP Networks There are three classes of IP numbers ยท Class A IP... e of 0 to 127 for the first dotted quad. So there are a maximum of 128 class A network numbers
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uld be REALLY nice to win. You can cast you vote here:\\ ee it in action on the [[freesco:howtos]] page or here on the NEWS page. ~~UP~~ ==== Sidebar Layout Add... neration: <code> ~~NOTOC~~ Rest of sidebar page here | [[:start|Home]] | [[sidebar|Edit This]]| </co
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