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===== FREESCO 0.2.7 Manual ===== This manual follows the same chapter numbering ((I was forced to change so... Project**// that was started in 2000 by (retired FREESCO Team Member) Simon Byrnand, [[]]... ber 2000, which is also available at [[|FREESCOSoft]]. ==== 1. Introduction ====
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===== FREESCO Howtos ===== {{ freesco:question.gif|FREESCO Howto's}} ==== FREESCO 027 ==== * [[freesco:howtos:Telephonectld]] * [[freesco:howtos:bootable FREESCO CD]] * [[freesco:howtos:PCMCIA HOWTO]] * [[freesco:howtos:Packages 027]] * [[freesco:howtos:package_system_027|How the package system
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===== How to set up an environment for developing FREESCO applications ====== The latest version of this a... rticle can be found at ===== Introduction===== After using FREESCO fo... n be used to compile and package applications for FREESCO. This document is based on information compiled
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of any others, post them here. //**TJ**// ==== Freesco Official Website ==== * Freesco Main sites : and * Sourceforge project : * Sourceforge download : ==== Freesco Kernels ===
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====== Setting up Freesco for dummies ====== This is a tutorial for setting up Freesco as a router in an E... network at home, office or wherever to Internet. Freesco is the software to use for this. It can be run st... stall it on a HD. There exist several versions of Freesco, but I decided to go for the latest one, 032. The
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ng it receives them AND sends them also. On your Freesco, you will need to tell exim that it can only serv..., it will send it to a local user on Freesco. So you send mail to your smtp server, it will fo... **gent (MUA) to send and recieve mail from within Freesco. There is Fetchmail to retreive the content of r
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oject Team Members ===== On this page some of the FREESCO team members have added some background information about their involvement in the FREESCO project.\\ This page contains the current FREESCO team members. ==== Lightning (Lewis Baughman)==== I started out with FR
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====== What to do with your new FREESCO ====== Once you got your FREESCO box up and running, you can leav... things EVERYBODY should do in order to keep their FREESCO secure and stable. ==== Install patches ==== In the FREESCO support forums ( new patches are announced. This is also whe
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rticle can be found at The purpose of this document is to describe the... s for setting up NICs and getting them to work in FREESCO. For more advanced issues, please consult the [[|FREESCO forums]]. NICs come in two types, ISA and PCI, and the pro
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===== FREESCO v.0.3.x Manual ===== |This manual follows the same chapter numbering and is initially based on the official [[|0.3.x manual]]((available in several languages)), which is also available at [[|FREESCOSoft]].| {{:freesco:manuals:03x:sco
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====== Ad-blocking with Freesco without ruining the hosting page ====== I use a custom version of the thttpd daemon on my Freesco box to solve an aesthetic problem I have when browsing web pages. I use anot... mised a version of thttpd, and inserted it into a Freesco 0.2.7 RAMDISK image, which you can download [[htt
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~~NOTOC~~ ===== FREESCO 03x Manual ===== [[freesco:manuals:03x:Introduction|1. Introduction]] * [[freesco:manuals:03x:introduction#introduction|1.1 Introduction]] * [[freesco:manuals:03x:introduction#requirements|1.2 Requirements]] * [[freesco:manuals:03x:introduction#license|1.3 License]] [[freesc
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===== 2. Installation ===== FREESCO 0.2.7 is the last version in the 0.2.x series and is no longer activly... after you have completed the installation of your FREESCO 0.2.7. If you are starting from scratch, it is advised to download the latest FREESCO 0.3.x instead. ==== 2.1 Downloading ==== Download **//freesco
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===== Howto run FREESCO 0.3.8 in VMWare Player ===== ==== Introduction ==== This how-to describes how one can install and run FREESCO 0.3.8 in VMWare Player. The same image can also be installed and execute... Server, VMware WorkStation or VMware Fusion. * FREESCO 0.3.8 virtual image * A work station that meets
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