Howto install TCP/IP protocol on WinNT

This section describes how to add the TCP/IP protocol on Windows NT 4.0 in case it is missing. The first step is to open the network properties dialog, the fastest way to do so is by clicking with the right mouse button on the 'Network Neighborhood' on the desktop:

Network Properties

Network Properties

Step 1 Step 2
Choose the menu command 'Properties', and the next dialog will open:
Network ID
Choose the Protocols tab:
No protocols

Add TCP/IP Protocol

Click on 'Add…'

Add TCP/IP...

In this dialog select 'TCP/IP Protocol' and click on OK, the next question will popup:

DHCP question

Answer 'Yes' here if you want to use DHCP, or 'No' to setup TCP/IP with static settings. At this point you will require the WinNT CD-ROM.

Need CD

Insert the CD or type the path to the Win NT setup files (curiously there is no 'Browse..'. button here), then click on 'Continue'


The required files will be copied, and the Protocols list should show the TCP/IP after this:

TCP/IP Protocol

When the OK button is clicked, you will see some 'Binding Review' dialogs flash by.


If the DHCP question (see above) has been answered with 'Yes' then refer to section 5.5.1 WinNT TCP/IP with DHCP after the mandatory reboot. If you've answered 'No' then the TCP/IP settings dialog will show and you should proceed at section 5.5.2 WinNT TCP/IP with static settings.

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