IMBLPR client

The ibmlpr.exe kit (search for the download URL) contains an LPR remote printing client that can be used on Win9x clients to print to an LPD queue on your FREESCO printer server. The software is proprietary and use is granted by the license only if you're owning an IBM printer and/or a printer with a valid Postscript package installed.

This client has an option where the remote port can be changed (default is 515), which is a big plus, because the stock FREESCO LPD server will only have one queue on the default port, the 2nd, 3rd, etc. queues will be listening on non-default ports.

The package also contains a command LPR client which is invoked in a DOS box with the IBMLPR command:

Copyright 1997 IBM Corp. All rights reserved

Usage: ibmlpr [-S <server> ] [ -P <printer> ] [ -C <class> ] [ -J <job name> ]
       [ -L <option> ] [-O <filter> ] [-R <remote port> ] [ -T <timeout> ]
       [ -D ] [ -B ] [-#<copies>] filename1 filename2 ... filename(###)
         S -- Print server or printer hostname or ip address
              (The environment variable LPRSERVER may be used instead)
         P -- Printer or printer queue name
              (The environment variable LPRPRINTER may be used instead)
         C -- Class name on banner page
         J -- Job name on banner page
         L -- Option to use for local port -- [S]trict, [D]efault, [E]xtended
              The default option is [D]
         O -- Filter option: Ascii [f], HPGL, PCL, Postscript, etc... [l]
              The default option is [l]
         R -- Remote port to attempt connection on (default is 515)
         T -- Timeout value (default is 120 seconds, 0 = INFINITE)
         D -- Send data file before control file
         B -- Disable the banner control flag (L)
              By default this flag is sent.
         # -- Number of copies (1 to 10) to print (default is 1 copy)
         filename(s) -- file(s) to print - may include wildcards (*,'?')

This software does not contain any job formatting or a printer driver, therefore the proper driver for the remote FREESCO queue must be installed locally on the Win9x client.

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