5.6.2 Win2K TCP/IP with static settings

This section describes how to setup a Win2K client by using static TCP/IP settings. You will need the following information:

  • the FREESCO's router IP address on the LAN side.
  • a free IP address in the same range as the FREESCO router.
  • a netmask
  • DNS server address, this can be the FREESCO router address if local DNS service is enabled.

The first step is to open the network properties. The fastest way to do so, is by clicking with the right mouse button on the 'My Network Places' icon on the desktop (if this icon is not present, then the network software is not installed or no network interface is found). The next menu will appear, choose the 'Properties' command:


Here you enter all the required info:

  • IP address: the address for this Win2K client.
  • Subnet mask: the mask for this network. If you have only your FREESCO box and some clients then leave this to the default of A primer on TCP/IP and netmasks can be found here.
  • Default gateway: this is the IP address of your FREESCO box on the LAN side.
  • DNS settings

If you have enabled the caching DNS service on your FREESCO box (highly recommended), then fill in the IP address of your FREESCO box as the primary DNS server. For the Alternate DNS server fill in the IP address of the primary DNS server of your ISP.

If you have disabled the DNS service on your FREESCO box, then enter here the IP addresses of the primary and secondary DNS servers you have obtained from your ISP (these addresses are usually provided in the information of your ISP you receive when you sign up for an account, or available on their support pages).

When all look fine, you can click on the 'Advanced' button, the next dialog will show:

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