Win2K LPR queue setup

First install the printer as if it was connected to a local port LPT1, this step is required to get the drivers installed. If you've already have the required drivers installed, you can omit this step. Now open the printer settings dialog and open the newly added printer properties, then click on 'Add Port', the next dialog will popup:

Select 'Standard TCP/IP Port' followed by the 'New Port…' button. This will start the next wizard:

After reading the nice welcome screen without very much useful information, click on 'Next >'

Here enter the IP address or hostname (if your DNS works properly) of your FREESCO printer server. The 'Port Name' entry is not very important, just a name (the above shows the default name invented by the wizard). Then click 'Next >' again.

Here select 'Custom' settings, followed by the 'Settings…' button:

Select LPR and for the queue name use 'nt' (without the quotes) or 'lp', the difference between these two queue names is that the lp queue will add a formfeed at the end of each job, which may be required for some printers, but leads to an empty page on others. You may have to experiment with this queue name to get things working.

When you're using LPRng, you'll need of course use the queue name as described in your /etc/printcap file here. The two above mentioned queue names are for the stock LPD printer server of FREESCO only

Click 'OK' if you're satisfied with the settings.

Click 'Finish', this is how the printer should look like:

Try to print a Test Page on the newly configured printer. The next entries (or similar) should appear in your FREESCO system log file:

Dec 26 23:21:12 - lpd[5397]: Accepted connection from, port 1673.
Dec 26 23:21:12 - lpd[5397]: Job received from is 2097151 Kb.
Dec 26 23:21:40 - lpd[5397]: Timeout waiting for data from, resetting printer in 15 seconds.
Dec 26 23:22:00 - lpd[5397]: Connection from closed.

Thanks to Private for the next addition: When “LPR byte counting enabled” is checked, log reports real size of printing task rather than 2097151 (or 0x1FFFFF in hex) Kb.

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