3. Installation

3.1 Download

FREESCO 03x is distributed as a ZIP archive freesco-03x.zip1) and a seperate modules-03x.zip archive with additional network and other drivers.

The main site for the FREESCO archive distribution is:

If you have a NIC that is supported by the default kernel, see drivers.html then you do not need to download the modules-03x.zip, although it is recommended to get this archive because it contains usefull information an maybe a newer driver for your network card.

You will need a tool like WinZIP or FREE WinZip alternatives to extract the archive to a temporary directory.

What's in the archive?

File Description
date-linux.unix.tgz A time client for linux/unix machines to synchronize with FREESCO's time
date-w32.zip A time client for win32 clients (command line).
dnsmasq-1.17.tar.gz Source tarball of the caching DNS server of FREESCO
drivers.html This file describes the various hardware drivers that are built into the standard kernel. If your card is not mentioned here, then you also need to download the modules-xxx.zip archive.
fast_fd.bat Batch script, explained below
FREESCO-034-release-notes.txt This are the Release Notes for FREESCO 0.3.42)
freesco.034 This is the FREESCO 0.3.4 floppy image
FreeTimeClient_0.91.zip A time client for win32 platform with a nice GUI to synchronize with FREESCO's time
kernel.dx A slightly smaller kernel for 20Kb extra free floppy space
LICENSE.txt The FREESCO license file
make_fd.bat Batch script, explained below
NullModem.txt A document describing howto install a null modem driver
nullmodem98.inf The “driver” file for the null modem solution described in the above text document
pure-ftpd-1.0.20.tar.gz The source code for the FTP server in FREESCO
rawrite.exe Utility to write the floppy image to a the actual floppy
readme.txt readme.txt file
registry4pppoe.zip registry tweaks for windows clients i.c.w. a PPPoE connection
safe_fd.bat Batch script, explained below
Security-update.txt Security-update.txt
smtpclient-1.0.0.tar.gz Source code of the command line SMTP (mail) client
syslinux.com This is the boot loader

3.2 Floppy Disk

  • Prepare a 1.44 Mb 3.5” floppy disk by doing a fresh FAT format 3).
  • for ease of use, 3 batch files have been included in the ZIP archive. They are called:
Batch file Description
make_fd.bat this batch file will write the FREESCO image to your floppy prepared in the first step
safe_fd.bat use this batch file if you run into problems when booting with the floppy. It places the boot loader in “safe” mode. Only required if your PC stops responding when booting from the FREESCO floppy.
fast_fd.bat This batch file reverses the changes made with safe_fd.bat and places the boot loader back to “fast” mode

Simply double click the make_fd.bat batch file or start it from a DOS box will result in:

This batch file will write the floppy image
"freesco.034" onto a 1.44MB disk in drive a:

Please insert a formatted diskette into drive A: and press -ENTER- :

Following these instructions on your screen should result in a bootable FREESCO floppy.

This completes the floppy installation.

3.3 Hard Disk

3.4 Initial Setup

1) where 03x is to be replaced with the latest version number, currently 034
2) What's in a name? ^_^
3) preferably using the same floppy drive you'll be using to boot your FREESCO box from
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