2. Features

2.1 Features

  • 2.0.39 kernel
  • Support for up to ten networks. This can be done with 10 nic's, or with multi-port network cards, and a bit of savvy on your part.
  • Support for up to five printers, although two would have to be serial printers. IP restrictions can be enabled for each printer, so that printing can be limited to a range of IP's, or to just one IP per printer.
  • Support for up to ten modems, although only four regular modems. Support includes Unix 4 or 8 port modems.
  • FREESCO v.0.3.x can run entirely from ram. This requires at least 17+Mb, with ramdisks enabled. (the write protection tab can be enabled on the floppy in this mode). When ramdisks are enabled, and depending upon how much ram you have, FREESCO can add one 2Mb, one 4Mb, one 2Mb and one 4Mb, or two 4Mb ramdisks. To take advantage of this feature, your system will need a minimum of 17mb of ram. Systems with greater than 23mb of ram will have two 4Mb ramdisks available for use. This feature is designed to run packages. With this feature, up to 4Mb of packages can be installed on a *floppy* FREESCO. One ramdisk is reserved for the /tmp directory and to uncompress packages.
  • Ident server
  • DHCP, DNS, Print, Telnet1) server
  • FTP server
  • Limited support for SCSI hard drives … which means that the mechanism is there, but it requires a custom compiled kernel to support the actual interface. (there will be kernels compiled by demand, as time permits)
  • FREESCO can now be installed on any FAT 16/32 drive. It is no longer required that the installation be on the primary drive or even the primary partition.
  • There is also an experimental/optional kernel with a 16k masq table, for the hardcore gamers … or very large networks.
  • There is a new package interface with a default domain that can be changed by the user.
  • Ramdrive packages can be set to load automatically at each boot, simply by including the following line in the rc_user file:
    pkg -r http://Any-where.com/Package-name

    This is intended for each user to have/modify their own packages; or use packages that do not require configuration.

  • PPPoE support.
  • A new netmeeting module that allows video conferencing and all of the netmeeting functions to run through Freesco.
  • A new set of NIC modules, which provide latest driver support for most network cards.
  • Encompasses every single feature that is currently in FREESCO 0.2.7

2.2 Network Cards Supported

1) as of version 034 the telnet server has been replaced with the much safer dropbear SSH server
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