3.7 Ethernet bridge

Ethernet bridge separates two or three parts of a network. Bridge remembers in which network certain computers are located and if one computer sends a packet to another computer and both are situated in the same part of the network, then the bridge will not pass this packet to other parts of network. A bridge thus reduces traffic within and between different parts of a network.

In network without bridge:

Every packet sent from one computer reaches every other computer on every part of the network. What will happen if we connect FREESCO as a bridge?

FREESCO in bridge mode

For instance, let Client #3 sends packet to Client #1. Packet will reach Client #1, Client #2 and FREESCO brigde. FREESCO knows that Client #1 is situated in the same part (local net 1) and will not pass this packet in other parts on network (local net 2 and local net 3). If packet sent by Client #3 addressed to computer on other part of network FREESCO will pass it to respective part.

3.7.1 Ethernet bridge setup

The most simplest device and setup procedure. This device doesn't require maintaining. Bridge works with MAC ethernet addresses and can be used in network with any protocol (so not just TCP/IP protocol).

How many ethernet cards do you have [2-3]? 3
811 I/O port address of 1st ethernet card [0x300]?
812 IRQ line of 1st ethernet card [11]?
821 I/O port address of 2nd ethernet card [0x320]?
822 IRQ line of 2nd ethernet card [7]?
831 I/O port address of 3rd ethernet card [0x340]?
832 IRQ line of 3rd ethernet card [13]?

3.7.2 A word of warning!

In bridge mode it is:

  • not possible to run any service on FREESCO (printer server, telnet, etc.)
  • the firewall is not in effect!
  • the web control panel isn't working (it's also a service)!

Basically FREESCO acts as a software switch between your networks to minimize network traffic. With 'real' switches getting cheaper and cheaper every day it's hardly worth the effort to use FREESCO in this mode anymore.

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