3.6 Ethernet router

Here is a picture of typical network with FREESCO as Ethernet-to-Ethernet router:

FREESCO as Ethernet to Ethernet router

In this configuration the 1st ethernet is used as link to ISP, the rest (ethernets and modems) are used as links to local or remote computers and networks. Let's have a look what setup procedure will do for us.

711 Hostname of this computer [router]?

For @home users: set the router name to the name provided by @home, f.i. CC25691-A. This is required for @home's DHCP server to give out a lease.

712 Domain name [inet]?
    How many ethernet cards do you have [1-3]? 3
811 I/O port address of 1st ethernet card [0x300]?
812 IRQ line of 1st ethernet card [11]?
821 I/O port address of 2nd ethernet card [0x320]?
822 IRQ line of 2nd ethernet card [7]?
831 I/O port address of 3rd ethernet card [0x340]?
832 IRQ line of 3rd ethernet card [13]?
720 Use DHCP client for configuring 1st network interface y/n [y]?

The 1st ethernet interface has ability to be configured through DHCP, it's very useful when you use a cable modem.

721 IP address of 1st network interface []?
722 Network mask []?
723 IP range []?
731 IP address of 2nd network interface []?
732 Network mask []?
733 IP range []?
741 IP address of 3rd network interface []?
742 Network mask []?
743 IP range []?
 14 Screen saver, in minutes. 0 - disable [0]?
 15 Swap file size in kbytes (on boot device). 0 - disable [0]?
 41 Enable caching DNS server y/n [y]?
421 Enable DHCP server y/n [y]?
422 WINS address (if you have one, otherwise - n) []?
431 Enable public HTTP server y/n [y]?
432 Public HTTP server IP port [80]?
441 Enable time server and router control via HTTP y/n [y]? s
442 Control HTTP server IP port [82]?
451 Enable Print Server y/n [y]?
452 Print server IP port [515]?
453 Output device name [lp1]?
 32 Host DNS address (usually your provider's DNS) []?
 75 Host gateway (if exist, otherwise - n) []?
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