telephonectld : a telephone control daemon

This page contains software at an early stage of development, not fit for general release until it has been tested rigorously. This software is potentially dangerous and for use only if you are agreeing to test them. They could easily damage data or hardware and are not intended to or likely to work properly yet. Use at your own risk.

This Enables you to dial a modem line using a normal phone, get the router to pick up the and allow itself to be controlled via a series of DTMF tones. Useful for keeping modem lines blocked until they are needed, unblocking them with a simple DTMF code, then blocking them again using telnet or equivalent until it is next needed. Possible use in ring-back applications?

Uses a custom .conf file which can be modified to allow any standard command to be run on receipt of any DTMF series. Complicated menu structure allows navigable sub-menus of commands. Authentication is by way of DTMF strings which include a certain passcode, but it means that you would have to be tapping phone lines to steal it, not just seeing an insecure telnet session or equivalent.

This is a heavily modified version of the software (source code of original WAS available on the author's site,

  • Features that were added:
    1. Moved all the AT command strings into the INI (they were originally compiled in as constants) for easier customization.
    2. Modified the AT command for the tone that is played when the user dials the right number. (Stopped the program dead otherwise as my Elsa Microlink 56K Internet didn't support playing pure tones in the frequencies in the same range that the author's modem obviously did).
  • Features to be added before release:
    1. Customizable number of rings before it answers.
    2. Voice confirmation messages?
    3. Remove /etc/ dependence for configuration file?
    4. Add better error message either way (“fopen failedabort” is not very intuitive).
    5. Compress with UPX.
    6. Proper “package”ing, including a script that can optionally disable the modem used for control to stop it being used for dial-in / dial-out.
    7. Testing to be done (volunteers, please just download and report successes / failures, no need for notification beforehand):

See http://your_local_freescosoft_mirror/html/FREESCO/non-package/v0.2.7/telephonectld.htm for a link.

General operation

AT Command strings for other modems (hoping to make a most-compatible set as the default).
Source code:
Binary: telephonectld
Configuration file: telephonectld.conf (place in /etc/ [and /mnt/router/etc/ for it to be permanent])

The default example config uses a set of AT commands for an Elsa Microlink 56K Internet modem (but they appear to be standard Rockwell commands) and two menus. DTMF code 12340 will block the modem and wait for the user to hangup, DTMF code 12341 will unblock the modem and hangup itself. Instructions on the .conf file can be found in the source code, which contains the original man file.

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