Setting up a remote mail exchanger for a local domain


You have Freesco setup to serve DNS for your LAN, and you have a domain name (eg: You want to setup a remote mail exchanger for your domain.

* Note: Most people won't need or want to do this; I had specific reasons for doing so.


Login to your Freesco box as root (via telnet). Type:

cd /mnt/router/rc
edit rc_named

Find the line that says “cat /mnt/router/etc/named.hst »/tmp/named”, and on the line just before it, type the following:

echo "<TAB>IN<TAB>MX<TAB>10<TAB>" >> /tmp/named

This appears wordwrapped here, but it must all be on one line when you type it.

Replace with your local domain (which points to your Freesco box), and with the domain name for the mail exchange you want to use. Make sure you add a period after both domain names.

Next, restart your nameserver:

rc_named restart

And you're done.

made by Steve Blinch

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