Running a PPTP server behind FREESCO

  • Step 1:

Install FREESCO and make sure everything is running correctly

  • Step 2:

Make sure that your VPN server is able to browse the internet and also make sure that you can make a PPTP connection to the VPN server from the LAN (behind the FREESCO box).

  • Step 3:

You need to download a special PPTP Kernel to make this work. You can download it at the authors site here or at the FREESCOsoft mirror site or the zip file at the mirror site. I would just download it while in windows. Once downloaded you need to rename the file to “kernel” (with out the quotes) and copy it to your FREESCO floppy install or transfer it to your FREESCO hard drive install. The compressed ZIP file does not have an extension and can be extracted directly. When replacing the original file, DOS / Windows should ask you if you want to replace the file. If you don't get this, then you are either not copying that file into the correct directory or you have not renamed the file correctly.

  • Step 4:

The best way to add the port forwarding rule, is to go in the configuration screen in FREESCO (type setup <enter> either via telnet/ssh or at the console) and then go to the advanced settings. Select the option that says “Port Forwarding”. When asked if you want to use port forwarding select “Yes”. Then add this next line :




Press ” <Alt> X ” (when at the console) or ” <Esc> X ” (via telnet/ssh session) and then “s” to save the file.

  • Step 5:

At the FREESCO prompt type,

cd /rc
edit rc_user

You will then see a text file with some writing. Find the line that says

# Add your commands here to start something

On the next line type the following,

ipfwd --masq ipofvpnserver 47 &

Press ” <Alt> X ” (when at the console) or ” <Esc> X ” (via telnet/ssh session) and then “s” to save the file.

  • Step 6:

Restart your firewall and that should do it

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