Creating a "report" ?

In freesco we have a script that collates all the information we need to make a diagnosis of a problem with your setup. There are 3 ways to provide us (at the forum) with this information.

1) from the console (if booted from floppy). login as root and type 2 commands.


Once the system is halted you may take the floppy and copy A:\ROUTER\REPORT.TXT to your other PC. Put the floppy back in the freesco machine and boot it back up.

2) from the console (if booted from harddrive). login as root and type these commands.

mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /fd 
cp /mnt/router/report.txt /fd 
umount /fd 

Now you may take the floppy and copy A:\REPORT.TXT to your other PC.

For FREESCO 03x the mount/dismount command of the floppy is built-in with command a:, so then the procedure becomes:

cp /boot/report.txt /mnt/fd 

3) Via the web admin page (if you enabled it).
Use the “Info/System” link, and copy all text from the main frame.

If you box is hanging at the “waiting for DHCP offer…” message, you can get in by typing ALT+F2 on the console and login as root at the new login prompt. Then proceed with method 1 or 2 (method 3 won't work because the web panel hasn't started yet).

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