Quick Win2000 + Freesco Printserver how-to :

I've read alot of different methods for setting up printing from freesco with windows. Most include installing 3rd party software and other(imho) unnecessary things. I found setting up the freesco printserver to work with win2k is very easy:

  1. enable printserver (lp1) with port 515 in advanced options on your freesco box.
  2. goto your printer setup in win2k and Add Printer.
  3. Choose Local Printer (not network printer) and disable auto-detect
  4. Select “create a new port” and choose “standard TCP/IP port”
  5. In add port, Printer name should be your Freesco's IP address (in my case your port name will will itself in.
  6. In Port Configurations you will want to set your protocol to “LPR”, your “raw settings, port number” to “515”(your freesco printer port), “LPT Settings, Queue Name” should be “lpr” and “SNMP Status Enabled” should be checked “community name”. “Public” and “SNMP Device Index” should be “1”

Thats it! Print a test page and it should work 100%. Now if you have other Win9x boxes on your network you want to use the freesco printer also then you have a few options:

  1. Share your printer from your win2k box (and install printer drivers for other windows distros so the other pc's dont need them).
  2. Install the freesco win9x printing clients on each win9x machine.

Hope you guys find this useful.

A few notes by dingetje

  • True the stock LPD server works out of the box with WinNT/Win2K/WinXP, the 3rd party solutions are to eliminate the need to install an LPD client, as required for Win9x clients. Modern windoze versions have such a client already “built in”.
  • If you don't have the LPD/LPR port on your WinNT/Win2K/WinXP machine, then you may need to install the missing service. On WinNt it's called 'The Microsoft TCP/IP Printing service'. Later versions called it 'Print Services for Unix'. You may need the Windoze installation CD to add this component.
  • SNMP status enabled is probably not required, since FREESCO does not support SNMP out of the box.
  • With port settings on LPR you cannot set port number (at least not on my Win2K machine), only when set on 'Raw'
  • Enable the option 'LPR Byte Counting Enabled', then the correct print job file size is logged in your FREESCO system log.
  • Queue Name should be “lpr” is not correct, the queue names for the FREESCO LPD server are either lp (with formfeed @ EOJ) or nt (no formfeed).

The clients section of this DokuWiki describes the installation procedure in more details.

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