The history of FREESCO

FREESCO is a spin-off of Project Ballantain. Development on Ballantain has stopped. The manual is still online, but for how long?

I guess its no longer online, both above links to project ballantain are dead or redirect to some russian provider.

by cjr
The latest version of Ballantain in my possesion is dated May 18, 1999. It was the final release before freesco although freesco was already in development for a while prior.

  • freesco 010 was released June 26, 1999
  • freesco 020 on September 29th same year
  • freesco 023a was out November 22nd and an updated kernel and modules were a Christmas present, released on Christmas eve 1999 (because my ipsec kernel was a troublemaker… 8-O oops!)
  • next was 025 on March 17th (Y2K)
  • v026 on May 24 (maybe a little later)
  • and the venerable 027 which was October 7th 2000 and lasted pretty well. ~2yrs, I made my 1.68MB version of 027 a few days later (14th).

That was the last release Simon (or any of us really (Serge, myself or Simon) really worked on. Serge sent me freesco2b1 on January 26th 2001, freesco-030 in May (5th) and 030pre a few days later (11th) and that, I believe, would be what Lightning based the current 030 on.

Time Line

Date Release Sourceforge
1999-06-26 v0.1.0 N
1999-09-18 v0.1.9 N
1999-09-29 v0.2.0 Y
1999-11-07 v.0.2.3 Y
1999-11-22 v.0.2.3a Y
1999-12-25 XMAS update N
2000-03-17 v.0.2.5 Y
2000-05-25 v.0.2.6 Y
2000-10-07 v.0.2.7 Y
2002-11-01 v.0.3.0 Y
2003-02-08 v.0.3.1 Y
2003-06-22 v.0.3.2 Y
2004-07-01 v.0.3.3 Y
2005-03-26 v.0.3.4 Y
2006-04-06 v.0.3.5 Y
2006-09-08 v.0.3.6 Y
2007-03-09 v.0.3.7 Y
2007-12-08 v.0.3.8 Y
2008-11-27 v.0.4.0 Y
2009-01-31 v.0.4.1 Y
2009-02-24 v.0.4.2 Y
2011-01-16 v.0.4.3 Y
2012-02-05 v.0.4.4 Y
2014-03-30 v.0.4.5 Y

By K-Ray

  • until v0.2.7 development was by Serge, cjr & Simon.
  • 0.2.8 was by cjr & tecknojunky but never finished for release
  • 0.3.0 was started by Serge and finished by Lightning
  • 0.3.1 is by Lightning

changelog by Serge

0.2.6 --> 0.2.7
+ completely new dhcp client and support scripts. Finally cable/dsl dhcp should work properly
! user login times for dialin server work now
! ile loads automatically with BIGMEM=y
! new syslogd - fixes long pauses during bootup / mode changes on fast machines
- custom font is gone to gain space and better support non us character sets
+ full keymap support
+ new command 'fork' for launching programs into the background instead of &
+ many bug fixes to the web admin panel.
+ dyndns run on bootup in ethernet mode and also run when receiving a new ip address via the dhcp client
+ updated freesco.scp. (Required for dialin server)
+ many improvements to setup, including better modem detection and full dialup ISP management.
+ dialin server problems with external modems fixed - maximum serial port speed for dialin is now 115200
+ easy creation of static dhcp leases
+ filter.cfg rewritten to be more friendly to modems
+ new package system allows automated download and installation of addon packages
+ (almost) real uptime command ;-)
+ buggy h3231 module disabled by default. (commented out in rc_init)
and much more...

0.2.5 --> 0.2.6
! kernel crashes of 0.2.5 solved - IPSec removed from kernel (buggy in 2.0.38)
+ dhcp client updated, faster, hopefully more compatible with cable isp
- lpd updated to V1.3 - fixes problem with large print jobs, also "socket error, exiting"
+ rc_dhcpd changed to allocate dns address based on client subnet
+ updated snarf to 2.0.9
+ updated syslinux to V1.48
- "cannot copy *.isp to chat.pwd" bug fixed
+ added /mnt/router/fix dir to drop in updated programs for /bin
+ improved default settings of system.cfg
- new mgetty to fix RAS dialin server
+ many optimizations resulting in 58kb free disk space
- many typos, cosmetic changes, and minor bug fixes
+ a few extra commands, including math, chvt
+ smc-ultra module now built in
- dyndns status report page is not cached now

0.2.3 --> 0.2.5
- new cool web Control Panel
+ DynDNS support
+ multi ISP support for dialup router
+ added support for second printer/print_server
+ system.cfg has been splitted ->
system.cfg, {name}.isp, banlist.cfg, forward.cfg, dyndns.cfg
? less security, {name}.isp aren't compressed now and contain plain passwords inside.
anyway it was so symbolic, so don't be upset about it.
+ new kernel, now with ip_masq_icq
! fixed thttpd - http authentication bug, CGI timeout now is 300 sec
! fixed pppd freese bug
! /bin/date Y2K bug
! dhcpcd "hostname" option added
- y/s/n explained in setup
- DNS zone 192.168.168.x has been changed to 192.168.x.y
- new kernel and modules

0.2.0 --> 0.2.1 --> 0.2.3
- new kernel and modules
- DHCP keeps leases file on boot device now
+ lease times
+ web control panel
+ ability to back up eth link via modem
- fixed DNS config errors
- fixed time server error
! fixed synctime bug
- added hdd saver
! blocked syslog UDP 514
- changed default policy from deny to reject
! scripts have been completely rewritten

0.1.0 --> 0.2.0
- base fs is UMSDOS now
- standard login procedure
- multiuser facility
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