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explanation of FREESCO 0.3.5 commands : ====== <file> [root@Freesco]_ /bin directory commands ... nytime MAC addresses are used in the restrict.cfg file. /bin/backup Script Usage: backup This command will copy the primary configuration files from FREESCO running on a hard drive install or on a read-o
freesco:howtos:how-to_setup_a_mail_server: 47 Hits
in|antispam]]**\\ - **regular expressions**\\ - **file extensions**\\ (see below "**[[freesco:howtos:ho... o configure exim you need to edit the main config file **/etc/exim.conf**. <note classic> Before you do, first make a backup of the original config file; before you start editing with your favourite text
freesco:howtos:setting_up_an_development_environment: 40 Hits
nzipper (the unzipper must be able to handle long file names) - Spare time - Patience! [ [[setti... /ME installed you are safe, these OS:es uses this file system. If you run any of these OS:es together wi... m. These operating systems (normally) use another file system called NTFS from which Zipslack won't run.
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ge your exim configuration. (For FREESCO 027 this file is **/mnt/router/packages/exim/configure**, for 0... For obvious reasons, make a backup of your config file first!\\ Locate the line with **local_domains** a... ection where we tell exim to look into a database file. In this example I've located this file (on my FR
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r) Unix's general purpose archive utility and the file format it uses. Tar was originally intended for u... to tape, it is now used more often for packaging files together on other media, e.g. for distribution via the Internet. The resulting archive, a "tar file" (humourously, "tarball") is often compressed, us
freesco:howtos:ad-blocking_with_freesco_without_ruining_the_hosting_page: 26 Hits
DNS lookups are served through it. I have a hosts file on this gateway generated by this site and this s... -adblock.tar.gz|here]]. I then tweaked the hosts file on the gateway machine to use the IP address of m... DISK ===== ==== The freesco-0.2.7-adblock.tar.gz file contains the following files: ==== * README -
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===== Release Notes FREESCO 0.3.4 ===== <file> Changes to 034 The telnet server and client have been r... t.cfg to clarify the ban/allow changes and in the file format along with some minor changes to the contr... en set in secure mode. All default configuration files are now hard coded into the ram disk. This means
freesco:howtos:compiling_programs_for_use_with_freesco: 17 Hits
8 (from 2.0.37). You will need to download these files: * [[ /vmlinuz|vmlinuz]] (a pre-compiled 2.0.38 kernel file, copy into C:\LINUX) * [[http://www.freescoso... /download/ledow/linux.bat|LINUX.BAT]] (a startup file, edited to boot off of the first IDE hard disk, w
freesco:howtos:freesco_03x_mv2hdd_howto: 15 Hits
An Internet connection to download the necessary files. * Some spare time ===== Getting the necessary files ===== The machine that acts as router must be bootable under DOS. This means that you ... choice. I used the one for Win98SE. Download the file, insert the floppy labelled "Dos" into your compu
freesco:howtos:how_to_create_an_add-on_package: 14 Hits
cely :-) * The compiled binaries, libs, configs files, etc. In short the ready to package software ((t... Do you want the extra text (y/n) ?y The files and directories have been generated you can now ... 274 Dec 30 22:06 htp_0.4.4_dingetje </code> This file //**htp_0.4.4_dingetje**// is the package install
freesco:manuals:03x:installation: 13 Hits
rary directory. === What's in the archive? === ^ File ^ Description ^ |date-lin... of FREESCO | |drivers.html |This file describes the various hardware [[drivers.html|dri... |The FREESCO [[LICENSE|license]] file | |make_fd.bat |Batch script, e
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Freesco machine. There is also a link to a single file which contains just the two Linux files needed and no documentation. From the archives, compile and / or extract the isapnp... router/etc/isapnp.conf</code> This will create a file called /mnt/router/etc/isapnp.conf which contains
freesco:howtos:installing_nic_s: 13 Hits
tp:// There you will find files named "modules-0XX", where XX corresponds to a F... you should look for "modules 032"). Download the file and extract it. The archive contains a file calle... a driver (module) to your FREESCO. Just read the file and you will find out how to do this. **Note**:
freesco:howtos:el_cheapo_vpn_tunnel: 12 Hits
1.1.0 usage: vpnd -h vpnd -m [<master-key-file>] vpnd -x <extended-master-key-directory> vpnd -c <extended-master-key-file> vpnd [-p] [-l] [-n|-t] [-f configfile] -h prints this info -m creates master key file (default is /etc/vpnd.key), note that the file m
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