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freesco:howtos:build_in_commands: 31 Hits
nstall or on a read-only-once floppy install to a default pre-made FREESCO floppy. Currently it only operat... ), or nothing if no time zone is determinable By default, date pads numeric fields with zeroes. GNU date r... ove all rules of this category -p policy change default policy (accept/deny/reject) -s tcp tcpfin udp s
freesco:howtos:freesco_03x_mv2hdd_howto: 12 Hits
es for you to choose among. There might also be a default value selected. The default value is displayed within square brackets, ie [default value]. If you are happy with that value, you don't have to type ... Enter. We want to make a clean install while the default is to abort ([a]). Hence we must type "c" and pr
freesco:howtos:setting_up_an_development_environment: 11 Hits
keys (F4, F5, etc) BootKeys=1 ;What to start by default. On my machine option 5 means DOS ;so I use this as the default option BootMenuDefault=5 ;Delay before default choice is started BootMenuDelay=5 ;D... that the row is commented out and not active. By default the first row is active. This row specifies that
freesco:manuals:clients:win9x:printing:ibmlpr: 9 Hits
s an option where the remote port can be changed (default is 515), which is a big plus, because the stock F... REESCO LPD server will only have one queue on the default port, the 2nd, 3rd, etc. queues will be listening on non-default ports. The package also contains a command LPR client which is invoked in a DOS box
freesco:howtos:how-to_setup_a_mail_server: 8 Hits
im is using the syslog facility for its messages. Default exim tags these messages with type 'mail', so you... o send these messages to a seperate log file. The default /etc/syslog of FREESCO is rather simple and on my... de> Now, by adding the next line, and change the default: <code>mail.* /some/where/mail.log *.*;
freesco:manuals:clients:winnt:tcpip_static: 6 Hits
EESCO box and some clients then leave this to the default of A primer on TCP/IP and netmasks... [[|here]].| |Default gateway | this is the IP address of your FREESCO ... | This is the host name for this client, default it will be set to the same name as the NetBIOS na
freesco:howtos:phpbb: 5 Hits
u want to install your forum in, I'm assuming the default web root here, but YMMV: <code> cd /www </code> D... ill in the installation-page ^ Item ^Default ^ Value ^ Comment ^ |Default boar... |Table prefix |phpbb_ |phpbb_ | Use the default, but it really doesn't matter |
freesco:howtos:el_cheapo_vpn_tunnel: 4 Hits
prints this info -m creates master key file (default is /etc/vpnd.key), note that the file must... isten on port 777 (if you leave this out, it will default to 376) and the client (home) is going to have a ... you are using a FREESCO box as a NAT router, the default rules say to NAT any packets with a source addres
freesco:manuals:clients:winnt:printing: 4 Hits
e> The TCP/IP print services are not installed by default with Windows NT. Additionally, before you can ins... e you have two options when you're talking to the default FREESCO printer server, namely: ^ queue name ^ C... tell NT whether or not you want to make this your default printer. {{freesco:manuals:clients:winnt:printin
freesco:howtos:installing_nic_s: 4 Hits
# High true, edge sensitive interrupt (by default) # (INT 0 (IRQ 3 (MODE +E))) # (ACT Y) )) # End t... # High true, edge sensitive interrupt (by default) # (INT 0 (IRQ 3 (MODE +E))) # Logical device... # High true, edge sensitive interrupt (by default) (INT 0 (IRQ 12 (MODE +E))) (ACT Y) )) # End tag.
freesco:manuals:03x:relnotes034: 4 Hits
erver service ports when set in secure mode. All default configuration files are now hard coded into the r... 0 More hard disk partitions are now supported by default hda,hdb,hdc,hdd,sda, sdb,sdc,sdd with partitions ... ber of bugs from 1.14, along with increasing the default cache size to 600 Upgraded dhcpd to version 2.0p
wiki:syntax: 4 Hits
[[wp>CamelCase]] to automatically create links by default, but this behaviour can be enabled in the [[doku>... res only works in Microsoft Internet Explorer per default (and only in the "local zone"). * For Mozilla a... r | will be used as maximum number items to show, defaults to 8 | | reverse | display the last items in
freesco:howtos:howto_setup_phpbb2: 4 Hits
all.php And fill in the installation-page ^Item ^Default ^Value ^Comment ^ |Default board language | Engl... able prefix | phpbb_ | phpbb_ | Use the default, but it really doesn't matter | |Admin email |... |Server port | 80 | 80 | Use default unless your web server is running on a different
freesco:manuals:027:3.4_dialup_router: 4 Hits
Press <Enter> </code> Give a name to your router, default is router <code> 712 Domain name [inet]? Press... Give a name to your whole local network (domain), default - inet <code> How many ethernet cards do you ha... s don't require this address and you can leave it default. Do not use 300, or 300h here when the card is at
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