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nds (it's possible to use other linux distro too, but that's outside the scope of this howto). Both box... neccesarily need to be the same FREESCO version, but to keep it simple this howto is based on two 027 ... 386 version of the binary is also in the tarball, but you'll need to rename it to vpnd if you want to f
freesco:howtos:setting_up_an_development_environment: 13 Hits
use. Older, libc5 based Red Hat should also work, but I believe Zipslack is most commonly used and henc... . - A network card for the pc, preferably PCI, but not necessary - Windows 95/98/ME. I use W98 but any of the other should do fine. This OS is needed as Zipslack is run from DOS - An internet co
freesco:howtos:freesco_03x_mv2hdd_howto: 13 Hits
in an Ethernet network. I'm by no means an expert but maybe this can be of some help for somebody else ... use for this. It can be run straight off a floppy but I choose to install it on a HD. There exist several versions of Freesco, but I decided to go for the latest one, 032. These instructions are based on
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time packages were not really much of an option, but a few began to post how to get certain things ins... OS so that I could begin making packages for it. But as a twist of fate I ended up being one of the fe... that when Serge returned I would be able to contribute my developement. After a year of work on this co
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e of this page by pressing the //Edit this page// button at the top or bottom of the page. If you want ... markup is easily accessible via [[doku>wiki:quickbuttons|quickbuttons]], too. ===== Basic text format... lCase]] to automatically create links by default, but this behaviour can be enabled in the [[doku>wiki:
freesco:manuals:027:2._installation: 8 Hits
ards are usually less troublesome than ISA cards, but it is important to choose the option "Plug and Pl... o manually set the base io address of a PCI card, but there is no reason to anyway. ISA Ethernet cards... hardware modems. Any external modem should work, but it is important that the serial ports in the comp
freesco:manuals:03x:license: 7 Hits
t can be executables and/or scripts and are distributed in accordance to their own licenses. Since Fr... g it with the --version switch. Freesco is distributed in the form of a zipped file. All the contents... this zip file are free softwares; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU
freesco:howtos:how_to_create_an_add-on_package: 7 Hits
nge". I do most of my work from the command line, but you're welcome to use f.i. the Midnight Commander... r package. The author name can be your real name, but in the FREESCO community this is usally the handl... e this is a tutorial I've enabled the extra text, but when you get more experienced, you can answer 'n'
freesco:howtos:howto_unison_and_xinetd: 6 Hits
d with "xinetd", which performs similar functions but is more flexible. This allows creating a more sec... ectories for different users, shared files, etc., but these files are readable on the server by the Uni... ou can download other versions for other clients, but you need this one for your server. 2. Decide whe
freesco:howtos:build_in_commands: 6 Hits
v/fdNu1680] N is the actual number of the device. But for standard floppies on fd0 no other arguements ... ... OCTAL_MODE FILE... -c, --changes like verbose but report only when a change is made -f, --silent, -... ,umask= *** This utility may be used at any time but its effect may be delayed because of the some ker
freesco:howtos:phpbb: 5 Hits
-to is probably too expansive. Sorry for that ;-) But I remember my first Freesco-days when I read howt... h option) from the kernels-1.3-lightning-package. But you can better use a suitable kernel from the FRE... forum in, I'm assuming the default web root here, but YMMV: <code> cd /www </code> Download the latest
freesco:howtos:freesco_038_vmware_player: 5 Hits
executed in VMWare Workstation or VMWare Server, but for the sake of clarity and because VMWare Player... that some of the settings are a little different, but both contain a working router. Note: 'root'-ac... ] [Host Virtual Network Mapping]. Click the [>]-button next to the network that you're interested in
freesco:manuals:rfc1918: 4 Hits
ssion and suggestions for improvements. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. 1. Introduction ... unambiguous within an enterprise, but may be ambiguous between enterp... ambiguous within an enterprise, but may be ambiguous between enterp
freesco:howtos:what_to_do_with_your_new_freesco: 4 Hits
CO box up and running, you can leave it as it is. But really, how fun is that? This document present so... [[|FREESCOsoft]], but please goto the main FREESCOsoft site and select ... ESCO lack some utilities for finding and greping, but this package helps a lot. * [[http://dingetje
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