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her version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This zip file is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even an implied warranty of MERC... f the GNU General Public License, version 2 or any later version. /
freesco:howtos:setting_up_an_development_environment: 17 Hits
simply a description of how I did it. If you have any comments on the document, please don't hesitate t... ate the Zipslack either from its keyboard or from any of the other computers on the net. By following t... ot necessary - Windows 95/98/ME. I use W98 but any of the other should do fine. This OS is needed as
freesco:howtos:plug_and_play: 15 Hits ) to help configure any ISA PnP cards in the system on boot time. Becaus... It's quite simple, really. First, make sure that any cards that you want to be PnP are installed on th... DOS or Windows device drivers, or by default for many cards). Now, download the ISA PnP Tools from our
freesco:manuals:03x:relnotes034: 11 Hits
till allows all local users access to FREESCO and any servers running. The banlist.cfg has been replace... he external IP address at each connection time or any time it changes and the ability to email a report... hat if a configuration file becomes corrupt or if anyone makes changes that cause the file not to funct
freesco:howtos:freesco_firewall_for_paranoid_people: 7 Hits
et/BHNet/. I'm not sure if that firewall is in any way related to the article below, but I think it'... and holes are bound to happen. Please email with any suggestions and fixes. Things to fix Fixed V1.5... ices. Things this firewall does Does not let in any incomming packets, pings, or anything. Deny on ev
freesco:howtos:null_modem: 7 Hits
ch will login as a usual PPP connection, allowing any TCP/IP compatible program to be used (e.g. allows... essed, Internet routing to the client machine and any other program that uses TCP/IP) * Reasonable s... e it is connected (this should not conflict with any IP addresses on your network). /bin/spawnnull is
freesco:howtos:repack03xto04x: 7 Hits
directory. These scripts and binaries can run on any lib5 Linux system such as Slackware 3.x, Redhat 4... ackage structure. But be careful NOT to overwrite ANY of the current/new 04x scripting such as the /pkg... eption. You should never rename or make any special scripts to deal with that library indepen
freesco:howtos:build_in_commands: 6 Hits
antly monitors the local network for new machines anytime MAC addresses are used in the restrict.cfg fi... dir]name.extension [.extension] This script takes any file and strips all other components from it such as the directory and any extension that you specify as the second arguement. /bin/beep Binary Usag
freesco:howtos:howto_configure_xinetd: 6 Hits
o allow no more than 25 connections per second to any given service. If this limit is reached, the serv... d in the /etc/services file. * **flags** — Sets any of a number of attributes for the connection. REU... number. It configures the service to **redirect** any requests for this service to the specified host a
freesco:howtos:installing_nic_s: 6 Hits
I am by no means an expert on this. If you find any errors or have comments, don't hesitate to contac... ones with built in support, you don't have to do anything, the driver is already installed. If there i... ion required. # Note that only the first value of any range is given, this may be changed if required #
freesco:manuals:027:10._installing_add-on_packages: 6 Hits
and Warnings ==== No responsibility is taken for any software or instructions given on this site. This... l found to relate to FREESCO. As such, installing any program (including FREESCO, packages and any othe... linked to by or hosted on this site) or following any instructions, advice, links or information given
freesco:howtos:freesco_03x_mv2hdd_howto: 6 Hits
so I could help my old man get going. If you have any comments on this "tutorial", find errors or have ... on from your ISP (might not be needed, but get it anyway) : * Primary and (optional) secondary D... D * Just jump to the shell. If you don't type anything within 8 seconds, you will be taken to the s
freesco:manuals:027:2._installation: 5 Hits
address of a PCI card, but there is no reason to anyway. ISA Ethernet cards normally allow you to con... OS based configuration utility that must be run. Many newer ISA jumperless cards come configured for Pl... o cards cannot share the same io address, irq, or any other resource. If you have two cards installed i
freesco:howtos:howto_unison_and_xinetd: 5 Hits
e tested this only on Red Hat 7.2. Before you do anything else, PLAN YOUR SECURITY FOR THE UNISON SERV... Unison to sit there on an open port, waiting for anyone to connect and do anything they want to your f... /putty/), which lets you use Port Forwarding and many other features. They also have documentation on m
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