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ch is a SSH server and client. This SSH server is also capable of both client and server TCP port forwa... able root logins with SSH. The local ban can now also be a local allow. This allows a user to ban there... the day where the range is from 000 to 2359 and also includes an optional day format, so that rules ca
freesco:howtos:setting_up_an_development_environment: 13 Hits
distro to use. Older, libc5 based Red Hat should also work, but I believe Zipslack is most commonly use... ake) to benefit from the instructions. You should also know basic Linux commands such as ''ls'', ''cd'',... ether with NT/W2K/XP (this is what I do), you are also safe. However, if you only use NT, W2K or XP you
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ay mails, meaning it receives them AND sends them also. On your Freesco, you will need to tell exim tha... ) in this case. IMPORTANT : If you plan on using also the perl package (for spamassassin) you **must** ... ry <code>telnet router.ip.address 110</code> here also replace router.ip.address by the IP address of FR
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r necessary or desired in 04x packages. You will also see that in 04x packages there are multiple place... guage that is the desired option as well. You may also get help from others to translate the files or ge... the various language conversions in it. You will also see that the main package information variable in
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cted and a bootdisk will be created for you. You also must get the Freesco files. The best place to get... alternatives for you to choose among. There might also be a default value selected. The default value is... and ask you to log in. Use the user "root" which also has the password "root". Now an info screen is d
freesco:howtos:freesco_firewall_for_paranoid_people: 6 Hits
ranoid step, all out going ports (under 1024) are also blocked. In the setup, you can tell it what you ... Some of the lines have been swiped out of rc_masq also. Parts where also copied from post and suggestio... the Freesco setup should fix that. It will now also autodetect the DNS servers and create open ports
freesco:howtos:plug_and_play: 6 Hits
time. Because Freesco is Linux, these tools can also be used on Freesco, although some manual configur... h on an already-running Freesco machine. There is also a link to a single file ... e file when you do this. We at From Scratch have also found it necessary to remove any (CHECK) statemen
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no longer able to continue working on FREESCO. He also stated that he was pleased with the changes that ... ft]] was born shortly after that. At that time I also had a "fast access" website remotely located, tha... er that I registered and .net and also recieved .org (as a present you might say). So I
freesco:manuals:027:2._installation: 5 Hits
page at You may also need the file **//**, which co... bably wont work with freesco. Often the BIOS will also allow you to assign the IRQ for each PCI slot, in... must rename it to a shorter name before copying. Also make sure you have enough room on the floppy, as
freesco:howtos:el_cheapo_vpn_tunnel: 5 Hits
beta testing of his howto and making this page. I also like to thank **scooterboy** for testing this how... It's f.i. not compatible with Micro$oft's VPN. It also runs on two 386 PC's if needed... {{freesco:howt... um class machines. A 386 version of the binary is also in the tarball, but you'll need to rename it to v
freesco:howtos:howto_setup_phpbb2: 5 Hits This how-to might also work for 0.2.7 versions of Freesco. This how-to ... at is a bit faster. Installing a PHP accellerator also helps a lot (at the expense of more RAM).\\ You also need a working Web server with PHP enabled. I use apache_1.3.27_dingetje-package with a kernel
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rompted to login as root. The default password is also root if you haven't changed it yet. You will then... or reconfigure the router at a later time, it is also possible to run the setup script manually from lo... very poor performance. An external ISDN modem can also be used in dialup mode, however you wont get maxi
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CI cards **require** the **pci-scan.o** module to also be placed in the /drv directory with the NIC module and may also require that your computer is PCI 2.2 compliant. ==== New PCI 2.2 drivers ==== ^ ... must rename it to a shorter name before copying. Also make sure you have enough room on the floppy, as
freesco:howtos:setup_ssh_tunnel_to_connect_with_vnc_server: 4 Hits
chieved due to ssh efficient traffic compression. Also, no additional port is left open other than ssh p... VNC traffic from "hostile" network environment. I also wanted this "tunnel" to have a nice "lubrication"... ain name) and port (22 is default for ssh). PuTTY also has a neat feature to save session. After you ent
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