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is is the minimalistic setup. Over that, you can add have a local **M**ail **U**ser **A**gent (MUA) to... dynamic.hostname : router.inet</code> You have to add every domain that you want exim to respond to in ... e range.\\ \\ If for instance you use 192.168.0.x addresses in your network, it should look like : <cod
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reesco:manuals:clients:winxp:printers.png}} ==== Add Printer Wizard ==== From the Printer Tasks panel, choose Add a printer. When the Add Printer Wizard: Welcome dialog appears, click Next.\\ //Result:// The Add Printer Wizard: Local or Network Printer dialog appears. {{freesco:manuals:clients:winxp
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d of 1 or higher. To use this configuration, just add a -u 1 to the startup line and restart the server... stem. To make it harder for the hackers one might add a new user with the same privilages as root, and ... n as root and create a new normal user with **useradd** <**newrootname**> - Open the password file (/
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===== Howto create an add-on package for FREESCO 03x ===== FIXME //This article is work in progress...... begin with, it's impossible to write a howto for add-on packages that covers all bases. In this acticl... you're welcome to use f.i. the Midnight Commander add-on package if you want. --- //[[webmaster@dinge
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===== 10. Installing add-on packages ===== When FREESCO 0.2.7 is installed on a hard disk you can install so called add-on packages. There are two flavours, officially released packages and 3rd party add-on packages. The official released packages have been tested and approved by the FREESCO team, t
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* Both private LAN's must have a **different** IP addressing scheme, otherwise it will not be possible ... have OpenSSH package installed. * external IP addresses of each box or their (dynamic) domain names... work and my church's network (which I set up). IP addresses have been changed to protect the innocent :
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== A note about this article: a 3rd party add-on firewall with an identical name (Firewall for ... and would like to here all suggestions on what to add. No package, but it does fit on a floppy instal... P again. I think. Version 1.2 Cleaned up script. Added deny lines to stop ip spoofing and other hacks.
wiki:syntax: 6 Hits|This Link points to google]]. Email addresses like this one: <> are re...|This Link points to google]]. Email addresses like this one: <> are re... ther just give a [[doku>wiki:pagename]] or use an additional [[doku>wiki:pagename|Title Text]]. Wiki pa
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ls:027:5._client_setup#5.1_default_gateway_dns_ip_address_and_subnet_mask|5.1 Default gateway, DNS, IP address, and Subnet Mask]] * [[freesco:manuals:027:5._client_setup#5.2_dhcp_vs_manual_configurat... , cp, mv, cat, more, ps, kill, killall, df, free, adduser, passwd, chown, chmod....) * [[freesco:m
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port ===== Because FREESCO is doing NAT (Network Address Translation) it is required to forward a port... ser and type http://your.freesco.ip:82 in the URL address bar. Where your.freesco.ip is the internal IP address of your FREESCO machine on the same subnet your client PC is on. In the examples below I've
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ces are not installed by default with Windows NT. Additionally, before you can install the TCP/IP print... nce you have set up an NT printer and told it the address of the remote TCP/IP print server, you can sh... ------------------------------------------- ==== Adding the printer queue ==== Now double click 'My C
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col on WinNT ===== This section describes how to add the TCP/IP protocol on Windows NT 4.0 in case it ... innt:network_no_protocol.png|No protocols}}| === Add TCP/IP Protocol === Click on 'Add...' {{freesco:manuals:027:clients:winnt:add_tcpip.png|Add TCP/IP...}} In this dialog select 'TCP/IP Protocol' and
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ree grep ps minicom useradd useredit userdel netinfo uptime ... rs the local network for new machines anytime MAC addresses are used in the restrict.cfg file. /bin/ba... 1) %D date (mm/dd/yy) %e day of month, blank padded ( 1..31) %h same as %b %H hour (00..23) %I
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[[freesco:howtos:customizing_your_freesco_floppy_add_remove_programs_files|Customizing your Freesco floppy (add/remove programs & files)]] * [[freesco:howtos:Detecting network probes]] * [[freesco:h... harddisk]] * [[freesco:howtos:how to create an add-on package]] * [[freesco:howtos:What to do with
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