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I've added a simple page counter in the wiki, so now you can use DokuWiki Views to get an idea what article is the most popular and how many visits the wiki has. — dingetje 2009/08/13 13:34

Upgraded DokuWiki

The software for DokuWiki has been upgraded to the latest release.

FREESCO Nominated again!

FREESCO is nominated (again) on SourceForge in catecory “Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins”!


We have now made it to the final 12 for 'Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins” So it is now more important than ever to cast you vote once again to support FREESCO. We were able to make it this far last year but it would be REALLY nice to win.

You can cast you vote here:

Sincerely, Lewis Baughman

If you don't have a username at Sourceforge it is still not to late to sign up for an account to vote and show your support.

dingetje 2008/07/10 15:31

Maintenance completed

The maintenance check didn't go as smooth as I'd hoped, but we're good to go again. A new data disk has replaced the one that was showing signs of “bad” behavior. — dingetje 2007/11/26 21:57

Down for maintenance

I will close down the site for maintenance tomorrow. Hopefully be back online within a few hours. — dingetje 2007/11/24 18:46

Votes are in

Winners of the CCA 2007 have been posted. While FREESCO fell short of securing #1 vote for Best User Support, FREESCO did well over all, falling within the top ten, out of over 150,000 open source projects listed @

Congratulations! ^_^

FREESCO Nominated!

FREESCO is nominated @ SourceForge in catecory “best user support”!
Make sure to vote!

Thanks to everyones voting, the FREESCO router project has made the top ten and is one of the finalists to receive the best user support project on sourceforge. However it is now more important than ever to vote again at and include any other projects in the other categories as well. From a personal standpoint I feel really honored that the FREESCO community has gotten us into the top ten. Regards, Lewis Baughman

dingetje 2007/07/05 22:31

Boxes plugin installed

The boxes plugin is now installed as well. It can be used to highlight certain sections in an article.

Simple box

a title

the box contents

the box contents

a caption

dingetje 2006/05/25 11:52

Note plugin installed

The note plugin allows for nice notes like the ones below:

This is a tip

This is a warning!

This is a note

This is important!

dingetje 2006/03/13 18:37

Upgraded DokuWiki

The software for DokuWiki has been upgraded to the latest release.
Check out the new look of the editor! Too bad it seems a bit slower than the previous version. :-(

I'v also added the Cloud plugin (see lower left corner), nice eh? and the up-arrow plugin that can be used to add an up-arrow (what's in a name ;-)) by adding the next code to a page:


See it in action on the howtos page or here on the NEWS page.


Sidebar Layout Added

A sidebar layout has been added, to facilitate site navigation. A special page called 'sidebar' can be created in each namespace. When a directory does not contain a sidebar page, the sidebar page of its parent directory will be used.

Always use the special tag NOTOC in the sidebar page to prevent Table Of Contents generation:


Rest of sidebar page here

| [[:start|Home]] |  [[sidebar|Edit This]]|

The two special 'buttons' in the table code at the bottom are a home button and a link to open the sidebar in the main screen so it can be edited.

dingetje 2006/02/24 23:05


Wiki Upgraded

DokuWiki has been upgraded to the latest release. Please notify me if you notice something isn't working. You may notice some new features and/or (very) slightly different look.

dingetje 2005/09/13 23:55


Wiki Installed

I've just installed DokuWiki to test if a Wiki can be used to help the FREESCO community fix it's lack for good user documentation.

Default the pages are read-only. But if you think you can contribute to this Wiki, then contact me for an account and you can login and start contributing to this Wiki. Help me to lift the documentation level of FREESCO to new heights! :-)

dingetje 2004/11/07 18:33


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